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It’s not very often you see a caddie on a golf course anymore, so it’s usually up to the golfer to decide how they to their clubs from one hole to the next. 

Some will carry, some will ride a buggy, and others will take a trolley.

But what’s the best golf trolley to use?

Choosing the right one can be difficult and generally comes down to individual requirements. 

If you’re a beginner with limited experience on a golf course, you’re going to go for the option that makes it easier for you.

And if you’re an old-hand at golf, you may even prefer to carry the clubs yourself, although this may have some health risks.

Traditional push and pull golf trolleys

Manually-powered, push-and-pull golf trolleys do exactly what they say on the tin: you either push the golf trolley, or you pull it.

Push golf trolleys have three wheels to aid pushing, whilst pull trolleys have two. There are also four-wheel versions available.

The most popular amongst golfers are three-wheeled push trolleys, which are easy to manoeuvre on a variety of different terrain. They are also kinder to your shoulder and arm muscles.

Two-wheeled golf trolleys tend to be preferred by golfers who regularly tee off on a flatter course, as there is no need for the extra wheel due to the lack of strain on the upper limbs.

A push or pull golf trolley can be easy to collapse and fit into your car boot and can come with some extra features, including foot brakes. They are also cost-effective.

However, pulling or pushing a golf trolley around a golf course, however flat, can of course be tiring and these trolleys are usually better suited to smaller golf bags.

Electric golf trolleys

So, if you’ve decided that a push or pull trolley isn’t suited to your needs, then you may want to consider an electric golf trolley.

Although great for hillier golf courses, is an electric golf trolley really worth it? There are a number of electric golf trolleys on the market, so let’s have a look at what the benefits are to purchasing and owning an electric golf trolley include:

• Less strain on shoulders, arms and legs as electric trolleys are battery-powered and can be controlled via remote control or speed dial;

• An electric trolley would follow you as you walk over a golf course, making sure you save your energy for swing and game;

• Better suited to larger golf bags, providing more storage.

Additional features can include GPS, mobile phone holders and the ability to measure golf shots

Depending on what electric golf trolley you decide to buy, each brand comes with a different battery size – and it’s this that will determine how long the trolley lasts around the golf course. Motocaddy, for example, offer battery sizes that will last you between 18 or 36 holes.

Electric golf trolleys are high quality and stylish, as well as being reliable and affordable. They are also suitable for golfers of all ages.

Depending on what your budget is, there will be an electric golf trolley to suit your budget.

The cost of an electric golf trolley may be higher than the cost of a push or pull trolley, but it can be seen as an investment to improve your game.

You get a lot for your money and, bar your clubs and golf club membership fee, it’s going to be the biggest purchase you need to make before hitting the green.

Before deciding on the right model of an electric golf trolley for you, there are a number of considerations to be made:

The performance of the trolley – This comes down to how many holes the battery of the trolley covers. This will be a personal choice as only you know your course.

The terrain of your golf course – An electric golf trolley is ideal for golf courses that are hilly, as it will easily traverse the terrain but may still be the ideal choice for someone who plays on a relatively flat course.

Size – As well as the size, you will also want to consider the weight of the trolley. If you have a golf bag that’s on the smaller side, then it stands to reason that you will need a smaller electric golf trolley.

Investing in an electric golf trolley is completely your choice, but it can be worth it. Clarkes’ Golf Centre has a variety of models and budgets so, give them a call and they can help you take the next step in buying an electric golf trolley.

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