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When Bryson Dechambeau addresses the ball, he looks rigid and tense. These aren’t usually characteristics of a big hitter. And yet, he is one of the longest drivers of the ball on the PGA Tour. 

So where does he get his power from?

A lot has been said about the 27 year old’s workout regimes, and there is no doubt they have contributed to his gains off the tee. But without good technique, muscle is useless. 

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Dechambeau’s arms, below, are locked in position at address. When he takes the club away, he creates very little wrist hinge. 

Bryson Arms 3

Instead, he turns his hips as much as possible, below, and the right leg begins to straighten. He maintains some bend in the knee, but the straightening of the right leg allows him to create more hip turn. 

Bryson Wrist Hinge 3

If you have very little wrist hinge, you need a tremendous amount of upper body rotation to square the face. This is another source of his power. He turns his hips as much as possible, below, and the upper body unwinds like a coiled spring.  

Bryson Uncoil

So we have hip turn, fast upper body rotation, and a man who wants to take the cover off the ball. But how does he keep it in the fairway?

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The lack of wrist hinge means that the clubface will be stable throughout the swing. If you can use the upper body to square the clubface, you don’t need to manipulate the club with your hands during the downswing.  

This isn’t an accident. DeChambeau is a deep thinker and incorporated this into his swing for that very reason. And it’s working nicely.

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