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Xander Schauffele is one of the biggest stars in the men’s game right now, and he’s got to the top using a different approach to most of his fellow pros.

Schauffele has never had a formal coach in his career, instead being mentored by his father Stefan, who took control while his son was a promising junior.

An aspiring Olympic decathlete in his youth, Stefan passed on his sporting genes to his son, even if their sport of choice is different.

According to Schauffele Sr, the pair value the position of underdog and are happy for Xander to be overshadowed by other players.

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“I like that position,” he told Golf Channel.

“As I like to say, predators strike from the shadows. There’s intent there, for sure, and he knows that.

“He’s trying to own that mindset. And having proven that it’s beneficial to him and feeling comfortable out there down the stretch, he’s going to continue this until the end of time.”

Like most fathers and sons, they have clashed down the years.

“I went through this rebel phase where I would argue with him for no reason,” Xander said.

“I was aggressively against anything he would say. We’d have these huge arguments. We fought all the time.

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“Now that I’m older, I realise how patient he was with me. I realised that I was combating him for no reason.

“He was a lot better to me than I was to him.”

Despite not having any other swing coaches during his career, Schauffele attended San Diego State University and worked under head coach Ryan Donovan.

He also enlists the help of putting coach Derek Uyeda.

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