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Danny Maude is YouTube’s most watched golf instructor. While he’s coached thousands of golfers in his time, the swing of Jon Rahm is one that stands out to him.

It’s fair to say that the Masters champion doesn’t quite have a conventional swing, but that hasn’t stopped him from performing at the very top level.

To the untrained eye, there’s one thing that stands out in Rahm’s swing, and that’s his shorter than normal backswing. While this might be a good feeling to exaggerate if you tend to swing the club too far, it’s not something that Maude would teach to everyone.

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As well as that, Rahm’s swing produces a very bowed wrist. As you can see below, at the top of Jon Rahm’s swing, his right knuckles point towards the ground. While this helps him, again, it might not be something you want to copy.

Jon Rahm backswing
Jon Rahm produces a very bowed wrist at the top of his backswing. (Credit: Getty Images)

Instead, there’s two things that stand out for Maude, who explained to bunkered what you can learn from Jon Rahm’s swing.

1. Get an athletic and easily repeatable setup

“What I love about Rahm’s set-up is that it’s powerful but not difficult to replicate,” Maude said.

“He’s relaxed over the ball, without being slumped. I also love his move where he addresses the ball further behind than you would expect. That can help you hit the ball on a more in-to-out path.”

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2. Don’t be afraid to hit the ball as hard as you can

“It’s an obvious piece of advice but even with such a short swing, you can see how hard Rahm hits the ball. You might not do that straight away out on the course but taking some balls to the range and hitting them as hard as you can will help iron out other things in your swing, too.

“Even if you’re working on something else, the feeling of hitting the ball hard will naturally help your action fall into place.

“Of course, you’ll also probably hit the ball further – and we all want that, right?”

Danny Maude’s full analysis of Jon Rahm’s swing appeared in the March 2024 issue of bunkered. Click here for more information, and to subscribe.

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