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Follow my four quick and easy cures to start hitting the ball better.

A common problem that I see amongst amateur golfers of varying handicaps is that they tend to hit a lot of fat and thin shots yet don’t really know why.

• Spieth’s swing secrets

• Fire your right side through

The problem is often far more exaggerated on the golf course as opposed to the driving range due to rarely having a flat lie and the ground being far less forgiving than a driving range mat. That’s why you should always try to practise on real grass, though that’s not exactly easy.

There are a number of reasons for catching it fat and thin. Both shots are often caused by the same pre-swing and in-swing faults. Like with any good golf shot, it is important to have good fundamentals.

Fix your setup

Ensure that your set-up is correct for each club you hit – this includes ball position, hand position in relation to the golf ball, spine tilt and weight distribution.

Weight Distribution

During the downswing, feel the weight transfer moving to your leading leg. This helps ensure that the hands stay ahead of the clubhead through impact and, as a consequence, the club will reach the lowest point of the swing arc after the ball.

Towel Drill

Place your bag towel roughly a foot behind the ball. With a wedge, practice hitting shots by placing the towel in this position. It helps to prevent you from leaning back to hit the ball, a common problem for those catching it fat and thin.

• Set up around the clubface

• Chip with the club’s toe down

Keep your body moving

To ensure your weight transfers correctly, make sure that you keep your body rotating to a full finish. A good indication that you have done this is if your belt buckle faces the target and your chest faces slightly left of target.

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