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It’s new driver season and Callaway is stepping up to the plate with its four-strong Rogue ST line-up.

says every facet of its new Rogue drivers have been Speed Tuned to
create the brand’s “fastest, most stable drivers ever.”

A bold claim – but how exactly has Callaway been able to find greater performance from its new big sticks.  

Allow me to break it down for you…

Callaway Rogue St Drivers 2

The Rogue ST drivers represent a marriage of Callaway’s best technologies over the past few years with commitment to a design philosophy that we haven’t seen from the brand since the original Rogue drivers were released in 2018.

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Coming off the back of the brilliant 2017 Epic drivers, Callaway turned its attention to higher MOI designs, with a greater focus on forgiveness, while trying not to sacrifice speed.

• New Rogue ST irons “push boundaries of innovation”

Now, in 2022, it firmly believes it has cracked the code of creating a driver family that can effectively combine maximum stability with maximum speed and distance.

Callaway Rogue St Review 2

The key to unlocking such brilliant all-round performance comes courtesy of the all-new Tungsten Speed Cartridge. This large weight, which is proudly bolted onto the extreme perimeter of the sole, places up to 26g low and deep in the head.

As those of you well-versed in the world of golf club engineering and driver design will know, this is a rather significant amount of weight, with the resulting MOI readings going through the roof to in excess of 9,000 in the MAX model.

This equates to remarkable stability, increased forgiveness and more consistent speed on off-centre strikes. Put simply, the Rogue ST drivers will be easier to hit and longer than their predecessors.

As well as the new Tungsten Speed Cartridge, the Rogue ST also features some staples of Callaway drivers from the past few years,
including an AI-designed Flash Face. For this latest iteration,
Callaway added launch and spin to ball speed in its
optimisation formula. This new formula lowers spin on the face, allowing
for added forgiveness.

Callaway’s patented AI-designed Jailbreak Speed Frame also makes a welcome return. Providing stability in the horizontal and torsional direction, Callaway has speed tuned the construction, shaping and positioning of this key bit of tech in order to deliver even more speed across the face.

Callaway Rogue St Review 4

Another development within the Rogue ST driver family is the new Unibody Construction. The titanium Unibody Construction provides stability and has allowed Callaway to precisely locate the centre of gravity (CG) within each model. The Triaxial Carbon crown and sole, meanwhile, save weight that can then be redistributed to increase forgiveness.

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So, that’s the tech – but what exactly are the difference between the four models in the Callaway Rogue ST driver family?

Let’s break it down…

Callawau Rogue St Review 1

Rogue ST MAX

The MAX is the jack-of-all-trades within the Rogue ST driver line-up. It is the model that will, in all likelihood, suit the majority of you reading this thanks to its all-round performance and significant forgiveness. In fact, Callaway says it is “the best combination of distance and forgiveness in a Callaway driver”.

It boasts a large, stretched-back footprint that is bound to inspire confidence, whilst its CG has been precisely located to deliver a high launching trajectory with slight draw bias.

This is such a great all-rounder that it wouldn’t be a surprise to see a few Callaway tour pros sticking it in the bag. 

Callaway Rogue St Max D Driver

Rogue ST MAX D

As you might have guessed from the name, the Rogue ST MAX D delivers the greatest draw bias of the four models within the range. A more upright lie, reduced face progression and, importantly, an external screw weight within the heel all combine to deliver maximum shot shape correction. In other words, if you are consistently battling a slice, this is probably the one for you.

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That said, the MAX D isn’t just a slice-killer. This, too, boasts all of the same key technologies you’ll find in the MAX as well as very high MOI, making it an easy-to-hit, long and consistent bomber off the tee.

Callaway Rogue St Max Ls Driver


Once again, the clue is in the name. The ST MAX LS catering for those who require a Rogue driver that will produce lower spin, while still providing the benefits of a high MOI design.

A great option for the mid-to-low handicappers out there, expect to see a more neutral ball flight and greater workability to go along with the reduction in spin rate.

Callaway Rogue St Review 5

Rogue ST Triple Diamond LS

Last but by no means least, we have a model that has, in the past, been reserved for the likes of Jon Rahm, Phil Mickelson and other Callaway tour staffers.

The Triple Diamond is a spin-killing, anti-left bomber that will probably only find its way into the bags of the strongest and most consistent drivers of the golf ball. Its more squat, more compact 450cc head is a joy to behold for better players and traditionalists, as opposed to the more modern and confidence-inspiring look of the MAX options.

The lowest spinning head within the line-up, the Triple Diamond is labelled as ‘tour proven’ for good reason. 

So, there you have it: the Callaway Rogue ST drivers for 2022. Now, there’s just one more question to answer: how do they stack up out on the golf course?

Click here for my in-depth review.

Available: March 4
Price: £479

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