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The new Rogue ST drivers have landed and Callaway is making some sizeable promises when it comes to how they will perform.

The brand is labelling these drivers as their ‘fastest, most stable ever.’

Now I know what some of you are probably thinking – “they say this every year, with every new driver.”

Well, if you will allow me, I will run through why I have been so impressed by these big sticks and why I think that statement from Callaway is accurate.

Callaway Rogue St Review 3

For this review I will be focussing on the Rogue ST MAX, as it is the model I have been able to get my hands on thus far.

If you want to know everything about the tech packed into the Rogue ST driver family, as well as the differences between the four models, then simply click below. 

• Callaway unveils new Rogue ST drivers

First off, I’ll get started with one of the most noticeable improvements with the Rogue ST drivers – shelf appeal. This is something that Callaway, in my opinion, has struggled with in recent years. That simply isn’t the case in 2022. I mean just feast your eyes on these beauties.

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The matte black carbon crown, subtle decals on the crown and sole and brassy/goldy colour scheme are a joy to behold. Then add into the mix the confidence-inspiring, drawn-back shaping of the MAX clubheads and you are onto a real winner in the looks department.

Looking the part, however, is only the beginning. As has been the case for a significant number of years now, it is out on the golf course where Callaway’s drivers really begin to shine. 

Callaway Rogue St Review 2

The Rogue ST MAX is immensely stable at impact, providing a rock-solid ball flight that does its very best to not deviate offline. This is because the forgiveness levels have gone through the roof with the inclusion of new Tungsten Speed Cartridge.

This new piece of tech places a huge chunk of weight (26g) low and back towards the extreme perimeter of the head. The Rogue ST MAX is easily the most stable and user-friendly Callaway driver I have ever tested.

Not only does this new piece of tech lead to greater stability, it also ensures fantastic ball speed retention on miss-hits, with both combining to produce tight downrange dispersion.

Callaway Rogue St Drivers 1

The incredible forgiveness and speed also come courtesy of Callaway’s brilliant A.I. designed Jailbreak Speed Frame and Flash Face technologies. 

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Let’s now shift the focus purely to speed. Well, it will come as little surprise to hear that the Rogue ST MAX was able to outperform its Epic MAX predecessor during my launch monitor testing. This was largely down to the sheer consistency in speed across the face.

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Although last year’s Epic Speed model, with its squatter and more aerodynamic shape, was able to achieve greater peak ball speed numbers, it simply couldn’t keep up on the consistency front. 

Callaway Rogue St Review 4

The overwhelming feeling of user-friendliness with the Rogue ST MAX also comes courtesy of its high launching properties. The new titanium unibody construction allowed Callaway to get the centre of gravity (CG) precisely where it wanted and the results speak for themselves on the course.

As if great looks and brilliant all-round performance weren’t enough, the Rogue ST MAX sounds great too. The feel is solid, with a dull ting that I’m sure most of you will be able to get on with very easily.

Unfortunately, I have not yet had the chance to test out the other three models within the Rogue ST line-up. Going by my launch monitor and on-course testing with the MAX, however, I am certain that the MAX LS would be the ideal fit for my game, combining the unadulterated stability of the MAX model with the slightly lower spin I need to maximise my results. 

Callaway Rogue St Review 5

The MAX D model will no doubt prove to be a real winner for those of you are needing some added help in correcting a slice, or if you just want to see touch more draw bias from your big stick.

• New Rogue ST irons “push boundaries of innovation”

The addition of the Triple Diamond LS to the family is an interesting one, especially considering we didn’t have a Sub Zero model in the 2021 Epic range. Although I, and I’m sure plenty of you, would love to put this traditionally shaped, 450cc piece of art into play, I think it’s fair to say it will likely only be a good fit for the most powerful and most accurate drivers of the golf ball (I can’t include myself among them).

Final thoughts

With Callaway drivers in the past, there has usually been one minor issue that I have been able to find fault with. The detailing and shelf appeal of last year’s Epic drivers and the Mavrik models of 2020, or the harsh sound of the Epic Flash being such examples.

With the Rogue ST line-up, I’m really struggling. It is such a fantastic package. I cannot find fault whichever way I turn. The on-course performance is superb, it sounds pleasing at impact, inspires you with confidence and now has the looks to die for.

It is without a shadow of a doubt one of the best all-round drivers I have ever tested, but the word that consistently comes to mind when pondering what makes it so great is stability.

If you are looking to upgrade your driver then be prepared to pull some cash out of your pocket, because the Rogue ST drivers will win you over in a flash.

Available: March 4 
Price: £479

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