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Are you on the look-out for a fast fairway wood or a versatile hybrid? If so, Callaway has the tools you need in its new Rogue ST line-up.

First off, let’s take a closer look at what Callaway has branded its “fastest fairway wood ever”.

The Rogue ST MAX incorporates several industry-leading innovations, including the all-new Tungsten Speed Cartridge, new Jailbreak ST, and an AI-designed Flash Face.

Callaway Rogue St Fairways 1

Much like their bigger-headed drivers siblings, the Rogue ST fairway woods boast a new Tungsten Speed Cartridge. By incorporating up to 28g of high-density tungsten, the CG is pushed low and forward, resulting in lower spin with more ball speed.

• Callaway unveils new Rogue ST drivers

However, the most impressive new bit of tech is the new AI-designed Jailbreak ST design. Gone are the AI Jailbreak ‘Velocity Blades’ of last year. In their place we have two Jailbreak ‘batwings’ that are pushed to the perimeter, providing stiffness whilst still allowing the face to flex for high ball speeds.

• New Rogue ST irons “push boundaries of innovation”

This new Jailbreak system is combined with an all-new AI face optimisation that includes speed, launch and spin. The unique face pattern is customised for each model and loft in the fairway line-up.

Callaway Rogue St Fairways 3

The C300 maraging steel Face Cup, meanwhile, is specially treated through a proprietary process for high strength and flexibility, producing silly distance with exceptional levels of forgiveness.

There are three different models within the fairway woods line-up for you to choose from…

Callaway Rogue St Fairways 5

Rogue ST MAX 

This is the model designed to fit the widest range of players. Offering speed, forgiveness and all-around performance, it’s a mid-launch option with slight draw bias.

The MAX model also features a new progressive shape, which will only help to add to the appeal of sticking one these in your bag. It is also the widest Rogue ST offering, featuring options from 3-wood all the way up to 11-wood.

Rogue ST MAX D

Callaway’s first dedicated draw fairway wood, the Rogue ST MAX D is the highest launching option in the new line-up and utilises a slightly closed face, more upright lie angle and additional weight in the heel to promote a powerful draw.

If you are looking for the most shot shape correction in your fairway wood, this is the one for you.

Rogue ST LS

As the name implies, the LS model is the lowest-spinning Rogue ST fairway wood. With a deeper face and more compact footprint, it is especially
suited for better players.

The 28g Tungsten Speed Cartridge and forward
weight screw push the CG forward for low spin, while the shape and face
profile make
it the most fade-capable.

Callaway Rogue St Hybrids 1

Okay, now onto the Rogue ST hybrids.

again, Callaway is promising ‘powerful distance’ but, as is necessary
with hybrids, great levels of versatility and forgiveness to boot.

• Callaway Chrome Soft golf balls get 2022 upgrade

Just as elsewhere in the Rogue ST family, the hybrids incorporate all kinds of brilliant tech, such as an all-new Jailbreak ST, high strength AI-designed Face Cup and precision tungsten weighting.

In a similar vein to the fairway woods, the new AI-designed Jailbreak system has been completely redesigned, with the two frames pushed to the perimeter to promote speed and stability.

In a first for Callaway, the high strength 455 Face Cup incorporates all new AI face optimisation to include speed, launch and spin. This unique face pattern is customised for each model and loft in the hybrid line-up.

To provide optimal launch with more speed, up to 24g of tungsten weighting allows for precise CG locations.

• REVIEW – “The Rogue ST drivers are faultless”

Callaway has also paid close attention to the sole design in order to provide improved turf interaction.

There are four models to choose from, each offering different performance benefits. 

Callaway Rogue St Hybrids 2

Rogue ST MAX

The MAX model features iron-like shaping and has slightly stronger lofts, making it the perfect option for the improving golfer looking for breakthrough hybrid performance.


This model’s oversized head shape delivers increased forgiveness and easier launch, whilst also boasting added draw bias. The OS model features the widest loft offering, extending from a 3-hybrid to an 8-hybrid.


The easiest-to-swing option, the LITE’s lightweight components are engineered for slower swinging players who want to generate more speed. 

Rogue ST Pro 

Geared towards the better player, the Pro boasts fairway wood shaping, a shallower face and more neutral CG to enhance workability. 

Available: March 4 
Price: Rogue ST fairway woods – £299, Rogue ST hybrids – £249

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