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Cobra Golf’s KING F8 and KING F8 ONE length irons have been engineered to equip you with a blend of distance, speed, and best-in-class feel, while Cobra Connect has been incorporated to provide Tour level analytics that will help improve your game.

These game improvement irons are absolute packed with the latest technologies from Cobra, and for everything you need to now about them, including Cobra Connect, click this link.

With the F8 irons there are two options to choose from, the standard variable length irons and the ONE Length.

F8 7I One Hero For Add

By now, you are probably aware of the fundamental concept behind ONE Length irons. Inspired by Bryson DeChambeau after he burst onto the scene in 2015, claiming victory at the US Amateur, they are designed to help better your iron game through improved consistency.

Every ONE Length club is designed to achieve optimum performance at 7-iron length, lie and swing weight, allowing you to make the exact same swing, no matter what club you have in your hand.

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Cobra firmly believes that this concept can help countless amateur golfers improve their iron game. This is why I decided to pit these two options head-to-head to see whether I should be changing to a ONE Length set.

F8 Exploded

To discover which set would suit my game best, I decided to play two rounds with each set in the bag and carry out some in-depth testing with the use of launch monitor data.

First off, I’ll discuss the properties these irons share. The carbon fibre medallions on the back of the clubhead help dampen sound and provide a level of feel that is a welcome bonus for an iron in the game improvement category.

These irons are also very long. Although the forgiveness is noteworthy, it is the length that stands out, especially with the long irons. Also, the progressive CG design offers fantastic trajectories throughout the set.

F8 Progressive

Now, onto the differences between them. The ONE Length concept does lend itself to consistent and repeatable swings, but one of the potential issues is distance gapping.

This is one area, when compared to the KING F7 ONE Length irons, where there has been a clear progression. The TECFLO construction has located the CG of each iron more precisely to offer preferred trajectories.

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That being said, my normal gaps did narrow slightly. The longer irons were flying a little shorter and flatter, while the short irons were launching higher and further when compared to the standard irons.

The small difference in clubhead speed as a result of the consistent shaft lengths is something that this concept will perhaps never fully be able to counteract but Cobra has certainly addressed the issue and the improvements are obvious.

F8 Cuthrough

Once I began to settle into playing with ONE Length irons, I could appreciate how they could help improve my consistency. I could also see how the standard irons would serve the same purpose thanks to the added forgiveness and distance on offer.

If you are looking to make a more repeatable action and improve consistency, then the ONE Length is a good option and something you should definitely check out.

As someone who has had a normal set of irons since he started playing golf and know his yardages and ball flight well, the change to a ONE Length just wasn’t right for me.

So, incredible distance, great feel, impressive game tracking tech as standard and plenty of forgiveness are the key highlights with the F8 irons. Put all of this together, and what we have are two of the best value for money game improvement options on the market today.

Cobra King F8 irons

Avaiable: Now
Price: £649 (steel), £749 (Graphite)

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