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COBRA has just unveiled its new RADPSEED line-up of drivers, with the promise of greater speed and forgiveness for golfers of all skill levels thanks to a new internal weighting technology that has never been seen before.

COBRA upped its game to new heights when it launched its KING F9 SPEEDBACK driver two years ago and built upon some serious momentum with the KING SPEEDZONE driver in 2020.

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Both of these drivers were top performers and highlighted the brand’s position as a leader in golf club innovation.

Cobra Radspeed Drivers 3

But for COBRA the hard work to give you most distance and forgiveness off the tee never stops.

To advance its driver designs to the next level, the engineers at COBRA came up with something radically new.

Radial Weighting is the result of the R&D team placing its focus on a well-known formula in engineering called Radius of Gyration.

Cobra Rad Weighting 3

Simply put, this formula is the distance from the club’s centre of gravity to each weight or technology location.

COBRA’s engineers discovered that by increasing the Radius of Gyration, and the distance between the new front and back weights, they could create the perfect blend of fast ball speed, low spin, and forgiveness in each of its three drivers.

Let’s start by taking a look at the RADSPEED driver.

Cobra Rad Weighting 2

Designed with a 460cc traditional shape, and forward-biased Radial Weighting, it will appeal to the better player seeking low spin, low launch and workability.

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The new chassis features 16-grams of fixed, Radial Weighting in the front section of the driver, plus 8-grams in the rear, to create a perfect balance for speed and stability.

By pushing the weight as far forward and as far back as possible, COBRA engineers were able to design a driver capable of providing the fastest possible ball speed with extreme forgiveness, an engineering feat that they say has not been achieved until now.

Cobra Radspeed Drivers 5

In order to achieve this, however, weight had to be saved in other areas.

A lighter T-Bar Speed Chassis and a thinner Carbon Fibre Wrap Crown, that combine to save 13-grams (7g in the chassis/6g in the carbon), meant weight could be re-positioned into the forward weights to lower the CG and produce more speed.

Two adjustable weights in the front and back (12g & 2g), meanwhile, allow you to fine-tune your desired launch and spin.

A driver that possesses a low and forward CG placement, and the high ball speeds that entails, while still offering great levels of forgiveness and a high launch is the holy trinity of driver design. 

To tick all three of these boxes would’ve been nigh on impossible even just a few years ago.

COBRA would not have been able to once again revolutionise its driver design with Radial Weighting, and kick performance up a gear, if it were not for the groundwork laid by its brilliant F9 and SPEEDZONE drivers.

Cobra Radspeed Drivers 6

A final but very notable feature of the new RADSPEED driver is the CNC Milled Infinity Face, which requires about 25 minutes of milling for every single clubface produced.


Although this isn’t the first CNC milled face we have seen from COBRA, the brand is once again keen to point out that they feel this proprietary process is a significant advancement over the traditional hand polishing method because it produces thickness and bulge and roll tolerances that are up to ‘five times more precise.’

The end result being, greater manufacturing consistency for thinner faces that produce maximum ball speed and perfect curvatures for forgiveness on off-centre hits.

Cobra Radspeed Drivers 4

Now onto the RADSPEED XB.

This model has been designed for players who want plenty of speed and distance but value forgiveness just as highly.

One of the two “Xtreme,” versions in the RADSPEED line-up, the XB (Xtreme Back) features an oversized address profile that inspires confidence on the tee. 

The 460cc clubhead utilises rear-biased Radial Weighting to make it the easiest-to-hit of the three models.


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This model follows on from the incredibly popular 2020 SPEEDZONE Xtreme driver, with the RADSPEED XB promising even more ball speed and lower spin while maintaining that extreme stability. 


Additional technologies featured in the XB driver and the rest of the RADSPEED drivers include, a titanium T-Bar Speed Chassis and Thin-Ply Carbon Fibre Crown and a CNC Milled Infinity Face.

Cobra Radspeed Drivers 7

Finally we have something entirely new from COBRA, the RADSPEED XD.

As the name suggests, this is a draw-biased driver designed to provide maximum distance and slice-fighting power. 

This second “Xtreme” model features the same slightly oversized 460cc profile as the XB, but with heel-biased Radial Weighting. 10-grams of fixed internal weight is positioned in the heel to enable easier face closure for straighter, draw-biased drives.

Another 14g is positioned in the back for extreme forgiveness, while 8g is positioned in the front to increase speed. 

Cobra Radspeed Drivers 1

Having three distinct driver models will undoubtedly help when it comes to fitting golfers for a new COBRA driver but also highlights that distance and maximum performance can be achieved in different forms.

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A quick summary would be that RADSPEED is for faster swingers who want distance through faster ball speeds, low spin and trajectory control, the RADSPEED XB is for those of you who want distance through faster ball speeds and consistency across the face in the form forgiveness and stability, while the RADSPEED XD for those who want distance while reducing that slice or creating a draw.

This is the most complete driver line-up we have ever seen from COBRA and are looking forward to testing them in the coming weeks, so keep your eyes peeled for our full review soon.

Available: January 29, 2021

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