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How many times have you walked off the 18th green and said to yourself, ‘I left a few putts out there.’ Far too many to count, we are betting.

Well, if you want to be saying that to yourself a lot less often then check out the ball marker that will change your fortunes on the greens. 

Launched in March of this year, Dead Aim is a simple to use on-course alignment tool that allows you to correctly line up your golf ball with your intended target line, resulting in more holed putts. 

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At a length of 8ft, the stainless steel marker’s five fingers target span is 21” wide, equivalent to the width of five holes.

Dead Aim 2

On average, Tour pros miss more than 50% of 8ft putts, so having a secret weapon that can help you on the greens is a must for anyone looking to shoot lower scores.

Although the design is based on a distance of 8ft, the marker can be used on any length of putt so that you can very easily establish where and how you should be lining your ball up.

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In the latest edition of bunkered (issue 173 on sale now) we spoke to Steve Johnston to find out why he is such a big fan of this clever little device, his three steps to successfully aligning your putts using Dead Aim and what it has done for his putting.

Dead Aim 3

“Lining up my putts has always been an area of the game that I have struggled with. For that reason, I have never used a line on my golf ball but would instead pick my target line and address the ball with the blank section facing up. Thanks to Dead Aim, that has all changed,” explained Steve.

• Watch Steve’s YouTube video on Dead Aim

He added: “Having the reference point that the marker provides allows me to read putts then align my ball very easily. I can go as far back as I want on the green to correctly read the putt whilst having the marker in my sight-line.”

Dead Aim 5

We also have an exclusive interview with Dead Aim’s designer, Gordon Rennie, asking him why he decided to create something that can help every golfer line up their putts simply and effectively. 

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