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What do you get when you combine legendary golfer Jack Nicklaus with legendary club-maker Katushiro Miura?


Irons you can either put in your bag and take to the course, or mount on your wall and gaze at lovingly.

Say hello to the truly gorgeous, frankly delicious Nicklaus-Miura Commemorative irons.

According to the acclaimed Japanese equipment brand, these artisan irons “combine Jack’s club-design ideas developed over his lifetime in conjunction with Katsuhiro’s 60-year pursuit of club-making perfection”.

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Nicklaus and Miura reportedly first met in 2014 when the 18-time major winner visited the company’s factory in Himeji, Japan.

On that day, a firm friendship was forged – much like the irons that would soon follow.

“I’ve spent decades designing golf equipment, and I cherish the painstaking craftsmanship that goes into enhancing the tools of my trade,” said Nicklaus. 

“The Miura family and I share this passion for doing everything the right way and leaving no detail overlooked, and we have worked closely in this collaboration to highlight the superior subtleties of Miura forged steel.”

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The Nicklaus-Miura Commemorative irons have been crafted to “build a modern version of the iconic Nicklaus blade”.

The Miura website explains: “Nicklaus preferred uniform offset through his set of irons, since that consistency helped him deliver the ball flight and performance he wanted.

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“Additionally, subtle grinding in the neck of the club enabled Miura-san to give Nicklaus his preferred ‘look’ and resulting confidence at address. This grinding delivers more ‘effective offset’ without increasing the measured offset Jack preferred.”

The Nicklaus-Miura Commemorative irons are available in 3-PW sets, customised with Jack’s specs, and start from $2,750.

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