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Titleist has had great success with their TSR drivers, but how do they compare to other offerings from the brand? Over the last six years, the Titleist speed project has went from strength to strength. Here's how the latest Titleist drivers compare to their predecessors. 

The TSR range has been hugely successful on tour and with everyday golfers. With the TSR1, TSR2, TSR3 and TSR4 available, this has something that will suit everyone. While other brands feature bright designs, the Titleist driver range has always featured a more classic aesthetic.

While these drivers might not look massively different from generation to generation, the technology under the crown is very different.

With the distance, speed and forgiveness the TSR range offers, it's no wonder golfers have gravitated to it. But how does it compare to the other generations? Well, we’ve put them head-to-head to see how the compare. 

Titleist TSR v Titleist TSi v Titleist TS

Credit: Titleist
Titleist TSR2
Titleist TSR
This range of clubs provides longer, more consistent drives. What's not to like?


  • Faster aerodynamic head shapes for increased speed
  • Higher MOI makes it very forgiving on mishits
  • Variable Face Thickness makes for improved ball speed across the face


  • I can't find any
Available for £529 from Titleist

The Titleist TSR drivers are built on the learnings and the success of the TSi and TS drivers and are even faster longer and straighter which is why they are so popular on tour and with everyday golfers. 

The TSR range is even more aerodynamic than previous models, offering faster club speed for more distance. The TSR range continues with the aerospace grade titanium face which delivers fast explosive speed with impressive distance. The variable face thickness makes the sweet spots even bigger and the mishits even straighter and longer. The TSR3 is played by consistent ball strikers who want to have control, speed and distance. With the adjustable CG track, you can dial in ball flight. The TSR2 is perfect for golfers of all levels with great forgiveness and distance you have a great combination for longer straighter drives. The TSR1 is ideal for the slower swing speeds with the lighter construction it will be perfect to generate faster speeds and more distance. The TSR4 is a more compact shape with weight forward which is lower spinning for the player looking to take more spin off and get better distance and speed. 

With offerings for golfers of all levels in the four head options, there is something for everyone and with the latest aerodynamic head and improved face designs. 

Credit: Titleist
Titleist TSi
Titleist TSi
The TSi range of drivers is still a quality option in 2024.


  • ATI titanium face provides longer and straighter drives 
  • Better aerodynamics than the TS for faster club speed 
  • Improved MOI for more forgiveness 
  • Four driver options for all levels 


  • Gloss finish on the crown may not be for everyone
Available for £349 from Titleist

Titleist's TS driver range was a big step-up, but the TSi took it a step further.

We still have the four model options in TSi with the TSi1 being lighter in weight, designed for slower swing speeds. The TSi2 delivers a great combo of distance and forgiveness, with the TSi3 delivering more speed and control. Again, the TSi4 is the lower spinning head option.  

Titleist said the TSi drivers were faster at impact and push the boundaries of speed through their advanced engineering. The big standout in the TSi driver design was the face material which is called ATI. This is an aerospace grade titanium alloy which is used by the likes of NASA but Titleist took it and put it in their driver so the ball will go further and straighter. What you can expect with the face design is faster speeds not just from the heel to toe, but high and low in the face as well. Across the range you will also see a reduction in drag which improves aerodynamic shaping which will increase the club speed through the air. MOI has also been increased for better stability and consistency making it more forgiving. There is also adjustable weighting which allows CG to be dialled for straighter drives and more control.

Noticeably straighter drives on mishits, faster speeds and longer distances. This might not be the latest from Titleist, but it will still do a cracking job.

Credit: Titleist
Titleist TS2 head to head
Titleist TS
A driver that is no longer the latest tech but still performs incredibly well.


  • Four driver options for all golfers 
  • Faster speeds from a thin face 
  • More aerodynamic head shapes 
  • Increased forgiveness from previous Titleist models


  • Alignment on crown may not fit everyone's eye
Available for £199 from Titleist

The TS driver was the start of the Titleist speed project, and their idea was to strip everything back and create a faster, longer and better driver. 

In 2018 the TS2 and TS3 were released with the TS2 aimed at the majority of players, looking for the speed and forgiveness. The TS3 was aimed at elite level and lower handicap players, with lower spin and faster speeds. In 2019, the TS1 and TS4 were released, with the TS1 being made lighter to generate faster speeds for more distance and the TS4 a lower spinning design in a more compact shape. 
The performance and speed that the new TS drivers deliver comes courtesy of the new Titleist Speed Chassis, which comprises four key technological innovations. 
First off, we have a new streamlined head shape that has been designed to reduce drag by up to 20% from the previous Titleist model. This helps to boost your clubhead speed and your distance. 
The thickness of the crown in the TS was also reduced down to just 0.4mm (20% thinner than the 917 drivers), which allowed the engineers at Titleist to shift weight lower and deeper in the head to help promote the ideal launch characteristics. 
The face was also the thinnest and fastest ever on a Titleist driver. The variable thickness design delivers faster ball speeds, increased forgiveness and is so thin that the score lines had to be applied by laser, instead of etched into the face like prior generations. It also helps to save about six grams of weight. 
This optimised weight distribution leads to higher launch and lower spin, the recipe for more distance.  


In my opinion, Titleist drivers have gone from strength to strength over recent years. The TS has a great look and shape, but you can start to see the shape change becoming even more aerodynamic going into the TSi and TSR. In particular, the TSR is very slick. The aerodynamics of the head shapes really stand out especially in the TSR range which is noticeably quicker when looking at club speed numbers.

With its lighter titanium crowns and aerospace grade titanium faces the weight that has been saved to reposition weight and improve the Variable Face Technology really stands out in the TSi. This aerospace titanium face tech has then been refined and made even better in the TSR giving you the best distance and speeds across the clubface for more forgiveness and control. The drivers are brilliant and each year they've got stronger and stronger which is why the TSR range is still one of the best drivers available.

• REVIEW: Titleist TSR driver

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