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Mizuno has re-launched its T-Series wedge line to deliver ultimate greenside feel and performance. 

The new T20 wedges have a classic teardrop profile that is Grain Flow Forged from 1025E mild carbon steel to deliver the soft feel and control we have come to expect from the forged iron and wedge specialists. 

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Perfected for over 50 years at one factory in Hiroshima, Japan, Mizuno’s forging expertise is revered and although its stellar reputation may be most commonly associated with the brand’s irons, the precision and feel of Mizuno’s Grain Flow Forged HD process offers scope for even more payback in the wedges where touch and feel are most critical.

T20 Wedge Range 2

The big talking point with the T20 wedges is the introduction of new HYDROFLOW MICRO GROOVES, which are vertically etched to help release moisture and maintain spin even in damp conditions. 

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Each T20 wedge is spin-weighted, with weight discreetly placed high within a tapered blade for increased spin and stability on off-centre strikes.

T20 56 Face Close Up

To ensure consistency you require around the greens, each head features precise CNC-milled grooves that are mechanically milled to the highest possible tolerances after Grain Flow Forging to ensure a perfectly flat face and consistently high levels of spin. 

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An element of Boron-infusion in the 1025E mild carbon steel billets makes them more durable for longer-lasting groove and spin performance.

T20 Tapered Blade

In the higher lofts there is a wider, shallower groove to make those partial shots around the green easier, while in the lower lofts, the grooves are narrower and deeper to better suit full shots. 

The heads feature a classic teardrop profile, but this too varies from loft to loft. 

The lower-lofted 46˚ pitching wedge retains a defined teardrop profile, but this flows through to a more rounded profile in the 60˚ degree lob wedge as the need for versatility increases around the green.

T20 1

T20 wedges will be available in three different finishes – two plated models (Satin Chrome and Blue ION) plus a RAW and ready-to-rust option. 

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Grind options are loft-specific and range from STD BEVEL to Subtle M and Aggressive C grinds.

T20 Silver Wedge Hero

“Although our T-Series wedges haven’t been available to the public for over a year, they’ve become even more popular on tour over that time,” says Kyle Hammond, Mizuno’s PGA Tour Technician. 

He continued, “the teardrop shape, forged feel and addition of a ‘tour only’ RAW finish brought the wedge to iconic status.  The updated T20 has been a long time in coming but with a few extra design tweaks we learned over the last year it will finally bring all that wedge goodness back to the public.” 

Availability: Several loft, bounce and sole grind options from 46˚ to 60˚
Price: £140 

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