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PING’s latest G410 fairways and hybrids have been engineered to be the longest and easiest to hit in the brand’s history.

Both feature incredibly fast faces, high MOI designs, refined CG locations and head shapes to take the performance of these new metalwoods to the next level.

Let’s take a closer look…

Ping G410 Fw 2

G410 Fairways

We have three different head options with the new G410 fairway woods: the standard model, the LST and the SFT. Before talking you through the differences between these three let us take a look at the technologies they share.

The overall design of the G410 is fairly similar to that of its G400 predecessor, but some crucial updates help to deliver more speed and more forgiveness.

Ping G410 Fw 3

The engineers at Ping have relocated the CG (Centre of Gravity) to help maximise ball speed and increase stability. The CG has been positioned closer to the face and sole (.060” lower than G400 FW) to deliver more energy for higher ball speed while also providing maximum stability and forgiveness.

The forged Maraging steel face also helps to generate speed. Maraging steel is one of the strongest steels in the world and the face is forged and machined to a 3-tier variable thickness to produce more flexing.

Ping G410 Fw 4

The incredible forgiveness these fairways deliver is in large part thanks to the high-density tungsten back weight. A thinner crown allows for more weight to be positioned deeper in the head and closer to the perimeter to increase the MOI. This is what makes these clubs so incredibly easy to launch into the air, whether that be from the tee, fairway or rough.

Like the G410 drivers, these woods house Ping’s new 8-lobe trajectory tuning system. The lightweight, aerodynamic hosel sleeve provides eight positions for you to tune your trajectory more than ever before through loft ( + – 1.5 degrees) and lie adjustments.

Ping G410 Fw 5

Complementing the standard models are the LST and SFT options. The LST has a slightly smaller head and is going offer lower spin for faster swing speeds and those of you that are looking for a spin killing fairway wood.

The CG has been aligned with force line to launch shots one degree higher than G400 Stretch it is replacing but with 300 rpm less spin and 5% higher max height.

Ping G410 Fw 6

The SFT, meanwhile, boasts a larger head shape and higher lofts to help those of you that really struggle with your woods. More weight has been positioned in the heel to help fight that slice and the larger shape allows for more extreme perimeter weighting to drive the MOI higher for maximum forgiveness.

Ping G410 Hyb 1

G410 Hybrids

With the hybrids it is largely the same story. Their multi-material construction is engineered to help you get your hybrid shots in the air with consummate ease.

The maraging steel face is attached to the 17-4 stainless steel head to increases ball speed and high density tungsten back weight increases forgiveness in the larger profile head by 6.5% compared to G400 hybrid.

Ping G410 Hyb 2

The hybrids also feature the new eight position adjustable hosel and the large head shapes sit flush to the ground to give you confidence-inspiring appearance at address.

Available: February
Price: G410 fairway wood – £275; G410 hybrid – £225

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