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PING is looking to make your life off the tee as easy as possible with the introduction of its brilliant new G425 driver line-up.

The goal for PING in engineering these new big sticks was to provide golfers with greater forgiveness, more distance, improved consistency with every swing, better models to choose from and expanded custom fitting capabilities.

As the replacement to the incredibly popular G410 family, these drivers – available in three options: MAX, LST and SFT – have some seriously big boots to fill.

Let’s take a look at the tech and key improvements that PING has made with G425…

Ping G425 Drivers Cg Shifter

The first thing you’re likely to notice is the frankly gargantuan Tungsten weight at the rear of the sole.

In the MAX model, this CG shifter weighs a whopping 26 grams.

Sticking this much weight so far back and low within the design has resulted in PING’s most stable driver ever.

And that’s saying something considering just how far PING has pushed this boundary in the past, most notably with the G400 MAX of a few years ago, which only had a modest 20g tungsten back weight in comparison.

Ping G425 Max Toe Angle

The extremely low and back CG (centre of gravity) placement is the perfect recipe for distance, delivering not only speed at impact, but also high launch and low spin for a powerful trajectory.

PING has also sent the combined MOI (moment of inertia) readings through the roof. We’re talking almost 10,000g-sq (trust me that’s a lot) and an impressive 7% greater inertia when compared with the G410 Plus.

In layman’s terms, the G425 MAX is about as forgiving a driver as you’re likely to find.

Ping G425 Cg Shifter 2

However, that isn’t the whole story.

As the name suggests, it allows you to tune your ball flight thanks to its three settings of neutral, fade and draw.

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We saw PING introduce its moveable weight technology in the G410 line-up. The G410 Plus had a 16g moveable weight that also afforded the same three settings.

Although the G425’s CG shifter doesn’t move as far around the head as the G410, it still offers the same scope for shot shape correction thanks to the 10g increase in weight.

Therefore, what the G425 MAX represents is the perfect marriage of the deep CG of the G400 MAX with the adjustability of G410… but on steroids!

PING often speaks of ‘without sacrifice technologies’ and, with this new design, we certainly seem to be getting the complete package.

To go along with these massive improvements, we also have some tried and trusted PING technology.

Ping G425 Driver Dragonfly

Turbulators at the front section of the crown help to improve aerodynamics to deliver additional clubhead speed, while Dragonfly tech within the crown helps to free up weight from on top, allowing it to be placed where the engineers want it: low and back.

Within the Ti (titanium) 8-1-1 head there are acoustic ribs to help tune the sound and feel of each model, while Trajectory Tuning 2.0 in the hosel allows you to dial in your loft and lie settings to ensure your driver suits your needs perfectly.

Ping G425 Drivers Face

Finally, the real horsepower of G425 is the T9S+ Forged face. PING’s patented VFT structure ensures not only hot ball speeds from the sweetspot but also consistently high ball speed across the face, only adding to the overall forgiveness and user-friendliness of these drivers.

The face also has a rough texture to ensure consistent performance and speed in wet conditions.

Ping G425 Max

As the old saying goes, good things come in threes, and that is certainly the case with the G425 driver models.

First off, the MAX.

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I’m sure you will have figured out that this is PING’s pure distance and forgiveness machine.

It will likely be the model to suit most of you reading this thanks to its all-round performance and player benefits. It’ll no doubt find a home in the bags of tour pros and 30-plus handicappers alike.

Ping G425 Lst

Next up, the low-spinning LST. Designed with a smaller 445cc head, it will offer up to 700rpm less spin to suit the needs of those of you who are looking to keep your spin down in order to maximise distance.

For this smaller head, PING has incorporated a lighter 17g CG shifter in order to help shift the CG forward for the desired spin reduction.

Ping G425 Sft

Last but by no means least is the SFT. This 460cc head differs from its counterparts in the fact it has a stationary 23g weight in the heel to offer extreme draw bias for those of you who prone to slicing it.

PING says you can expect more than 25 yards of draw bias compared with the G425 MAX and over ten yards more than the G410 SFT that is being replaced.

Each model boasts new stealthy slate coloured detailing, while the matte black crown completes the slick visual appeal.

It is also vitally important to point out that each driver, along with all of the other products in the G425 line-up, comes with Arccos sensors embedded within the grips as standard.

• Analyse your game like the pros with Arccos

This automatic game-tracking technology allows you to make better, data driver decisions and easily identify the strengths and weaknesses in your game.

So, there you have it: everything you need to know about PING’s G425 drivers. There is no doubt these drivers are promising a lot but, for a brand synonymous with meticulous engineering and consistency, it will come as little surprise to see them deliver to the goods in spades.

You can check out my full review here.

Prices: £450

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