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The new G425 driver line-up from can be summed up in just three words: dependable but brilliant.

What exactly do I mean by that?

Well, when PING releases new drivers it’s safe to assume that you won’t see a raft of wholesale changes.

PING is in the business of producing some of the best drivers in the business and it isn’t about to attempt to reinvent the wheel.    

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With the G425 line-up, the brand has decided to once again stick to its tried and tested engineering practices by effectively building upon the same brilliant designs and technologies that brought its previous G400 and G410 families such universal acclaim.

Ping G425 Driver Review 2

The standout piece of tech this time around is undoubtedly the new CG shifter. This massive, moveable tungsten weight – placed at the extreme rear of the sole of the club – results in an equally extreme low and back CG (centre of gravity) placement.

This is the driving force behind the remarkable forgiveness, consistency and distance on offer with the G425 drivers.

Ping G425 Driver Review 3

If you’re looking for a user-friendly driver, you can do no better than the G425 MAX. Its ridiculously deep CG, created by the sheer mass of the moveable back weight, and its stratospheric MOI readings make it forgiving beyond belief. Certainly, the most forgiving driver I have ever tested.

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It is a true fairway finder that does an excellent job of refusing to punish your mishits, keeping even your wildest swings from sailing towards danger.

The speed off the T9S+ Forged face is, as you would expect, abundant.

PING’s proprietary VFT structure combines with the low/back CG to ensure high ball speeds across such a large area of the face that’ll leave you questioning whether it is fair to have a driver with such a big sweetspot.

• PING G425 irons – FIRST LOOK!

To have such incredible, speed, forgiveness and consistent launch conditions, coupled with effective shot shape adjustability from the CG shifter, perfectly highlights PING’s commitment to ‘without sacrifice technologies’.

No area of performance is traded for another. It is the complete package.

Ping G425 Driver Review 4

Although the MAX will likely be the model to suit most of you reading this, the LST is the model for me.

As the name implies, this is the low-spin option. Compared with the MAX, you can expect between 500 and 700rpm less spin. It also has a slightly smaller head at 445cc, compared to the 460cc MAX, which really suits my eye.

Apart from that, it is basically the exact same story. A high-launching, low-spinning bomber that will give better players the trajectory they love to see, while still offering the forgiveness you would expect from a PING driver.

Ping G425 Sft

The SFT model, meanwhile, is going to be one of the most beneficial drivers on the market for those of you who just can’t seem to get rid of that dreaded slice. The 26 yards of in-built draw bias from its stationary tungsten weight in the heel ensures a big helping hand when standing on the tee.

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When I start to nit-pick with the G425, I can only come up with the same two, purely personal, snags that have been present for me in PING drivers in recent years.

Ping G425 Driver Review 5

Firstly, the Turbulators. Yes, I know how effective they are at improving the aerodynamics and, to be fair, they do a very good job of framing the ball and aiding alignment at address – but they just do not suit my eye.

Apart from the Turbulators, these drivers, with their sleek matte black crowns and silver and slate detailing, look stealthy and mean.

Plus, all three, with their relatively large profiles, are bound to inspire confidence at address.

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Second of my minor objections is the sound and feel. The G425 drivers with their all titanium constructions lead to quite a loud and sharp sound at impact that isn’t to my taste.

Although the Ping engineers have worked hard to improve this with the inclusion of acoustic ribs inside the head, I still feel it is one area that stops the G425 from becoming my perfect driver.

As I said, I’m really nit-picking with these two things, and they are purely personnel.

Final thoughts

PING never disappoints. Its reputation for producing some of the easiest-to-hit, longest and most consistent drivers in the game has only been bolstered by this latest release.

As I said at the very beginning, the G425 line-up is dependable but brilliant.

Grab yourself a G425 and you’re bound to lose fewer golf balls, find more fairways and see yourself significantly further down those fairways to boot. 

Bravo, PING. Bravo.

Price: £450

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