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Having trouble with your putting? Believe it or not, the fix could be changing up your ball marker.

Traditionally, ball markers have no clear visual reference to help you see your intended putting line or aim point, and don’t allow you to adjust and set that putting line without the ball in position. 

PuttBANDIT, a UK-based golf company, is changing the ball-marker game. Their unique marker, which features an anchor pin, adjustment foot and high visibility stripes, combine to enable golfers to look at putting lines from all angles, from further away and to set their intended putting line earlier, whilst accurately marking the ball position.

“We were fed up with three-putting too often and finding a better way to hit the ball in the right direction at least, could only help,” said Neil Hart, one of the two directors at PuttBANDIT

Eighteen months later PuttBANDIT was born. Founding partners, Neil and Paul hart, concluded that lines on golf balls helped, but were too small and thin to see clearly and too fiddly and time consuming to adjust with accuracy.

“So, we built highly contrasting bands of colour into the PuttBANDIT so golfers could look along those stripes and track along them to their chosen putting line or aim point,” added Neil. “The broad stripes allowed the putting lines to be read from different angles and from further away. 

“We added a small anchor pin to allow changes in line angle while maintaining the ball’s original marked position. We don’t need to re-check our putting and starting lines when we replace the ball, just match the line on the ball to the stripes on the PuttBANDIT and hit.”

Putt Bandit Top Surface

One of the key factors the PuttBANDIT entrepreneurs had in mind when developing their product was the etiquette of golf.

“As golfers who hate hanging about on the course, we wanted to make sure the whole process of using the PuttBANDIT was time efficient and effective.

“We have a simple process: we read greens as we approach them and walk to our ball, mark the ball on a chosen line, make a quick adjustment with a putter head if we see a better line, replace the ball on line, lift the PuttBANDIT and putt.”

PuttBANDIT is the quick, simple fix to elevate your game on the greens to the next level.

PuttBANDIT is available in two packs – a Classic Pack priced at £19.95 and a Limited Edition 500 Pack, which includes a bespoke score card holder, a valuables bag and pencil in a gift box for £29.95. 

Available now at

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