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When it comes to game improvement irons, there is only one thing we want to get out of them and that is to play better golf. Of course, that’s the goal of any club, but with these, we want golf to be easy. So what is it about the TaylorMade Qi irons that make them easy to hit?

With the design and technology behind the TaylorMade Qi irons, they are very forgiving and allow you hit better golf shots more often.

Let’s take a look at the technology that makes these irons so easy to use. What better way to do that than bring in an expert on the subject?

We spoke with Matt Bovee, director of iron product creation, who gave us a detailed insight on the technology behind the TaylorMade Qi irons. 

TaylorMade Qi irons down the line
The TaylorMade Qi irons are super forgiving. (Credit: TaylorMade)

Why was the Qi name created? 

“We wanted it to have its own place. These irons are more forgiving than the past model but if you talk about the Qi MAX 10k MOI story, this iron is a different package. The iron and woods are obviously very different, but we wanted the irons to have the family name but have its own identity.

What is a standout with the TaylorMade Qi iron? 

“You marry the beauty and the cosmetics with this Qi iron with each head individually optimised and designed. There’s a lot more behind the scenes to with this iron from an R&D and design perspective because you have to set each iron performance targets and what you want that iron to provide players and how it differs from the others.

What’s the most important ingredient? 

“It’s a contribution of many factors. A lot of the different technologies, like the brand-new face design that we have not done before. There’s a lot of challenges that come with that. There is also benefits of being able to tailor performance. For example, the 4-iron face is designed to be higher launching whilst also minimising the miss to the right. So, it has a unique face profile and flexibility profile.

We control that, then each iron progresses differently through the set and that face works in conjunction with the speed pocket which you see on the bottom of the soles. It controls the way the whole system flexes and the flexibility that drives the performance off the club face. It’s not just about how far it goes but how straight it goes.” 

TaylorMade Qi irons
The TaylorMade Qi irons are individually designed for top performance. (Credit: TaylorMade)

How does this new face design perform on mishits? 

“A natural phenomenon that happens with fast face irons with very flexible faces is that the stronger and more flexible that face gets, the more likely the ball is to cut. The reason for that is because the iron face is asymmetric in shape, meaning the toe is taller than the heel. So, naturally they want to flex different amounts at the point of impact. The toe wants to flex more than the heel because it’s a longer span.

“If you don’t specifically control the rate at which these two flex, you will put cut spin on the golf ball. We have unique patents to control the flexibility profile in the heel to the toe to make sure the ball comes off straight and actually has a little bit of draw spin to help counteract the right miss.

Would you recommend these irons to better players?

“Yeah, absolutely, especially with the rise of combo sets. If you think of what type of iron performance you need for each iron in the bag and your gapping, the proportions of the club head and the shaping are managed in a way that it still looks appealing at address. Yes, it’s going to be a longer blade length and a little more offset with more topline thickness, but it’s all balanced.

“A lot of people pigeonhole a game improvement iron as a club for a higher handicapper, but what it really comes down to is, ‘What do you need for your game?’ That’s why we really support the idea of going to get fit. Everyone needs to check their ego at the door and be open to anything and let the fitter find out what’s best for you.

If you want to keep up to date on the latest releases of 2024, make sure you check out the bunkered YouTube channel!

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