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Since 1998, SkyCaddie has been dedicated to helping golfers improve their games, enjoy golf more and play faster by offering the most reliable, most accurate, most comprehensive and most easily-accessible distance information.

The SX500, unveiled in August, is the culmination of everything that SkyCaddie represents and has been designed to help you enjoy the game more through its vivid, powerful and accurate technology.

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Pre-loaded with more than 35,000 ground-verified, error-corrected SkyCaddie  course maps, this device is absolutely jam-packed full of tech and features.

Sky Caddie Sx500 Frontal Rgb12Th With Rings

First off, let us discuss the key tech highlights, Dynamic HoleVue and RangeVue, IntelliGreen Pro and PinPoint technologies.

Dynamic HoleVue with Integrated Targets continuously re-orients the entire highly-detailed hole map from your exact position, boosting the devices in-play capabilities.

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This fantastic feature proved particularly invaluable when I used the SX500 on courses I hadn’t played before and on blind tee shots. Having up to 40 geo-referenced targets per hole at your fingertips gives you all the information you need to need to spot on as you aim down the hole and allows you to swing with confidence.

Sky Caddie Sx500 Left Angle 300Dpi Full

SkyCaddie’s IntelliGreen Pro technology, meanwhile, provides distances to major tiers and contours on the green, false fronts and greenside mounds, all of which are all instantly visible on SX500’s stunning display screen.

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This innovative feature can then be combined with PinPoint tech to give distances to today’s pins, giving you a staggering amount of information when hitting into the greens. Now you won’t be able to access this feature on every course you play, as they might not have pin sheets to hand out, but when you do it is very easy to input the pin information and obtain laser-like accurate distances to every pin, even if you can’t see it.

Sx500 1

Dynamic RangeVue overlays yardage arcs on fairway landing areas and greens to show at-a-glance yardages across the full width of the hole and can also be used with the Club Ranges feature to offer you personal club selection advice.

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The SX500 might sound like a major investment when you first glance at the £379.95 price tag but, when you consider the ridiculous amount of features it houses, you will soon realise just how smart an investment it is.

Sx500 3

The SX500 also includes a year’s pre-paid Birdie membership and even
has a 13-megapixel camera, enabling you to take photos during your round
of golf that are then uploaded to your SkyGolf 360 online user account.

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There is no doubt in my mind that the SX500 is the most comprehensive
GPS device I have ever tested. The staggering amount of features on
offer is unrivalled by anything else on the market and the confidence it
gives through its detailed and accurate information is bound to help
you shoot lower scores.

Sx500 2

The device itself and its five-inch full HD touch screen are very intuitive and as easy-to-use as your smartphone. Every minute detail and piece of info that the powerful SX500 delivers is crystal clear and easily accessed.

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The innovative technologies housed in the SX500 helps to really set it apart from its predecessors and other handheld GPS devices Playing with the SX500 is like having your own personal caddie in the palm of your hand and that is why it is more than worthy of its price tag and the annual subscriptions you will need to pay following the first year.

Available: Now

Price: £379.95

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