Review: Wilson Staff Model Blade irons

These irons are a thing of beauty. Almost too good to hit. Nevertheless, we did hit them and here’s how we got on.

Who are they for?

Golfers who strike the ball well more often than not, that are looking for beauty and performance.

bunkered rating


  • 10/10 looks. Stunning.
  • Premium grips and shafts as standard helps with premium feel
  • Incredibly workable
  • Buttery feel when hit well


  • Not built for forgiveness

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Wilson Staff Model Blade irons review

The classic blade. It’s an iron that might strike fear into some, but there’s no denying that Wilson’s 2024 range of irons are beautiful. First up is the Wilson Staff Model Blade. Let’s dive in.

The First Look

Wow. Absolutely stunning clubs that I wanted to keep fresh and was slightly disappointed that I needed to hit. If anything, you just want to keep these dry and clean and just admire them. But, they’re tools, not jewels, of course.

The Golf Pride Z Grips, which come as standard, are a quality addition, along with the True Temper shafts. It all adds to a premium looking set of irons that wouldn’t look out of place in a tour player’s bag.

The best looking iron Wilson produce right now and one of the very best looking on the market for 2024.




The Tech

The look of these might make you think there’s not much tech, but you’d be surprised. Weight has been removed from the base of the hosel for a more flowing feel, with the muscle area extremely biased towards the toe. The combination of a Fluid Feel Hosel and Precision Toe Weighting pushes the centre of gravity towards the toe, allowing for better alignment of the CG to the centre of the face and expanding the impact area, while allowing for maximum forgiveness. The Wilson Staff Model Blades also have a Precision Milled Face incorporating Double Cut Muscle Milling for ultimate control and overall spin consistency.

“The Staff Model Blades are common go-to clubs for our tour players, because the precise toe weighting allows the face to hold open and not turn over in your hand,” said Jon Pergande, manager of Wilson Golf Club innovation.

“The Forged 8620 Carbon Steel construction also provides a soft feel, making it easier for an elite player to manoeuvre the ball as required.”

The bunkered Verdict

For me, I would absolutely game these irons, but with a caveat. Combo sets are the in-thing right now, and I’m not sure the longer irons are going to be suitable for someone who doesn’t hit everything out of the middle. If I could, I’d put these in for shorter irons, and game something with a little more forgiveness in the less-lofted clubs.

Saying that, when you do hit these sweet, they are fantastic. Extremely workable and with a buttery feel, for top players, these will be an absolute dream.

To my eye, these are a fairly long blade from heel-to-toe, which is going to help you believe you can shape shots with these, which you certainly can. Also, the top line is very thin.

Getting the ball to move from right-to-left or left-to-right is very doable. So, if you’re someone who likes to shape the ball towards pins on the green, you’ll love that about them.

What I will say, is that if you’re someone who doesn’t hit the middle off the face most of the time, you’ll  be better served looking elsewhere. Although there is some relief thanks to the Precision Toe Weighting, which moves the centre of gravity to expand the sweet spot of these irons, they’re not for high handicappers.

I was seeing very consistent numbers on solid strikes, but there’s a drop-off when you don’t catch the middle.

Overall, however, these are stunning clubs that will be very appealing to top players.

The Details

RRP: £1,050 (4-PW)
On sale: January 2024

The Wilson Staff irons range

• Wilson Staff Model CB irons review

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