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Brooklyn Beckham, son of former footballer David Beckham, recently posted a video of his golf swing on Instagram, with Ian Poulter praising him in the comments. But is he any good?

Let’s take a look at his action, and suggest what he might want to work on if he’s planning on getting his handicap down.

Brooklyn Beckham Swing


Firstly, the 23-year-old seems to be adopting a ten-finger baseball grip. While this isn’t what most players will use, tour pros like Robert Streb have put it to good use down the years, so all isn’t lost on that front. If it’s comfortable, he might want to stick with it.

Also, we don’t imagine those slip-on trainers are going to be giving him much grip under his feet. The lad needs a new pair of FJs.

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Beckham Takeaway


He doesn’t waste much time over the ball, but from what we can see from the camera angle, it’s a nice, compact action to the top of the backswing. Some might tell him to get closer to parallel, but Jon Rahm has done alright with a three-quarter length backswing, so it’s no problem with us.

Beckham Downswing


From here, he seems to get the club over the top slightly, and that’s probably what leads to him hitting a bit of a weak fade. It’s not the worst move on the planet, but if we were going to change one thing, we’d want him getting the club a bit more on the inside. 

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Beckham Finishing Pose


As we mentioned before, you can see the drawbacks of wearing slip-on trainers. Notice his left foot collapsing as his weight shifts onto his left side.

One thing we will say on this swing, he gets it in a great finishing position. Although he doesn’t hold the pose for long, that is pretty close to textbook. 

Take a look for yourself here…

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