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The new Cobra KING F9 SPEEDBACK drivers and fairways feature innovative design technologies that combine to optimise the clubhead’s aerodynamics, while delivering a low centre-of-gravity (CG).

Cobra believes its F9 metalwoods represent a real breakthrough in this club category thanks to SPEEDBACK Technology, which Cobra says for first time in golf, successfully combines a highly aerodynamic clubhead shape with low CG.

KING F9 driver

The combination of an efficient aerodynamic shape and an engineered weight structure on the sole improves club speed while maintaining a low, deep CG to create the most efficient transfer of energy to the ball.

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To create this more aerodynamic SPEEDBACK shape, Cobra engineers raised the perimeter skirt, aft (tail) and crown, and rounded the leading edges to reduce drag and improve speed and stability. These performance technologies and design innovations delivers a truly “AEROFICIENT” driver. 

It makes SPEEDBACK a game-changing advancement in the way a driver is engineered.

Cobra Driver1

“This year, Cobra engineers have taken aerodynamic performance to the next level. We believe we’ve found the ultimate formula for speed as true aerodynamic innovation and low CG has never been combined this successfully,” said Tom Olsavsky, vice-president of R&D at Cobra Golf. 

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“Our SPEEDBACK Technology blends a more efficient aerodynamic shape with a lower, deeper CG and our thinnest, hottest CNC Milled Face design to deliver unparalleled speed, distance and precision in our F9 Metalwoods.”

As was the case with the F8 driver released last year, the F9 features a CNC Precision Milled Face. Created using industry-leading face manufacturing technology, it allows for a thinner and hotter face design that has shown ball speed increases up to 1.5 mph when tested against a traditional, hand-polished face. These technologies fuse to deliver the ultimate formula for speed and extreme distance.

Cobra Driver2

For the first time, with the precision of CNC milling, all new E9 Speed Tuned Technology optimises top and bottom face curvatures, which are CNC precision milled to exact specs on every driver to minimise gear effect that negatively impacts launch and spin on misses.

Additionally, three horizontal bulge curvatures are designed to optimise the face angle on the toe and heel to minimise slicing and hooking of the ball due to off-centre impacts.

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Continually pushing the boundaries of innovation, Cobra engineers have developed golf’s first ultralight carbon wrap crown design that wraps around the body, delivering a 12% larger carbon fibre area, saving 10 grams of weight compared to a titanium crown driver.

Cobra Driver3 Jpg

360 Aero Technology, meanwhile, utilises lightweight polymer crown trips and titanium sole trips positioned relative to the direction of airflow around the clubhead, further helping to reduce drag. 

Strategically placed PWR Ridges are designed to enhance aerodynamics and add rigidity to the carbon crown structure, creating more energy return and more power to the ball to maximise speed and distance.

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The F9 driver also features two interchangeable weights (14g & 2g) that allow you to alter the CG and spin characteristics of the driver, while MyFly8 with Smart Pad technology gives you the choice of 8 loft settings to fine-tune trajectory and launch conditions.

Cobra Fairway

KING F9 Fairways

The KING F9 SPEEDBACK Fairway is the first of its kind to feature a CNC Precision Milled Face which, according to Cobra’s test results, delivers up to 2.5mph in increased ball speed, compared to traditional hand polished fairway faces. 

SPEEDBACK Technology in the fairway utilises a low, back tungsten weight and re-engineered Baffler rails that move the CG low and deep, and improve turf interaction, to deliver more club and ball speed at impact.

A fixed, 15g tungsten weight positioned low and back, promotes high, towering ball flights and maximum forgiveness. 

Progressive Baffler Rail Heights are designed shallower in the lower lofted fairways and steeper in the higher lofted fairways to account for varying attack angles.

Cobra Fairway1

The fairway also shares many of the same technologies as its big-headed brother, including the 360 Aero polymer crown and titanium sole, an ultralight carbon fibre crown and PWR Ridge crown design.

It also has MyFly8 with SmartReal technology, offering eight loft settings to help manage trajectory and customise launch conditions, while SmartRail keeps the face square regardless of the loft setting.

We also have the KING F9 SPEEDBACK Tour Fairway that utilises all the game-changing technologies in the regular SPEEDBACK Fairway, but in a more compact, shape preferred by better players.

Furthermore, the Tour model features a forward CG position leading to a more penetrating ball flight with reduced spin for more control or workability.

Finally, the 2019 KING F9 SPEEDBACK drivers & fairways (along with the full KING F9 family of products including irons & hybrids) will continue to employ COBRA CONNECT Powered by Arccos that helps you make smarter, data-driven decisions.

Available: January 2019

Price: KING F9 SPEEDBACK driver £349; KING F9 SPEEDBACK Fairway £219

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