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Meet Will Harvey, Titleist Vokey Wedges’ representative on the European Tour.

We sat down with Will to find out what life is like behind the scenes on the European Tour, why his time in such high demand and what it takes to fit the best players in the world for some fresh Vokey wedges.

Will Harvey 3

On the job

“Essentially, my job is to make it easier for every Vokey Wedges player to hit the incredible shots they need to contend on the biggest stage. I’m constantly blown away by the ability of the top pros.

“A standard week involves heading to the airport on a Monday at about 4am and, by lunchtime, we’re on the tour truck and already helping our guys get set up for the tournament.”

“It’s then a full-on day on the Tuesday, early start on the Wednesday and packed up and flying home that same evening.

Next thing, I’m in the office Thursday morning getting prepped for the following week.

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“Every week is exciting and presents its own unique challenges. The first thing I’ll do on a Monday is go and scope out the course.

This gives me a good idea of what the pros will need from their wedges that week.”

Will Harvey 4

Problem Solving

“With roughly 180 Vokey wedges in play each week on the European Tour, it’s fair to say that I’m quite a busy man.

“One of the real beauties of working on the European Tour is the sheer variety of countries, courses and conditions we face.

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“For instance, one week we could be on a firm links course with players wanting lower bounce and fresh wedges for maximum spin. The next it could be a soft parkland course and many will want to switch to a higher bounce.

“Generally the pros will go through at least four sets of wedges every year and often more than that.

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“I don’t get a moment to rest in the two-and-a-half days that I’m on-site but that is one of the joys of the job.

“Managing everyone’s needs and expectations means that I have to be a real problem solver because I want everyone I work with to trust that their wedges are spot-on for that week and will help them to play their best.”

Will Harvey 1

Best in the business

“I talk weekly with Bob’s team, including Aaron Dill who is the head
rep on the PGA Tour.

“We’re constantly in contact relaying feedback from pros to ensure that our products – and future products – will be the best performers.

“The SM8 range was my first launch and I was fully expecting to have to explain all of the new technology to the pros and let them know why they would be able to outperform the SM7s but these are Vokey wedges.”

“The players have so much trust in the brand and know that Bob will not launch a new design unless it is the very best that he can produce.

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“So many made the switch straight away and that’s the reason why Vokeys are the No.1 wedges on the European Tour.”

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