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We all wish we could emulate Tiger’s magic touch around the greens, but let’s face it, hitting high drop and stop flops and low checkers from a tight lie are a lot easier said than done.

Well now you might be able to get a little closer to playing the magical shots you’ve seen the big cat pull off thanks to TaylorMade’s new Tiger Woods Special Edition Grind MG2 wedges.

• TaylorMade P7MB, P7MC & P770 – FIRST LOOK!

Tiger is a savant when it comes golf equipment. He pours over every single detail of his clubs to ensure they will perform to his unparalleled standards.

For that reason, he uses some rather unique wedges.

Taylor Made Tw Grind Wedge 1

The sole grind of his wedges look unlike pretty much anything you will have seen before.

Tiger’s 56° wedge features a dual sole grind with heavy heel relief. The set-up is built for versatility, allowing him to open or close the face easily to control trajectory or react to the lie.

Although it says this wedge has 12˚ of bounce. That isn’t the whole story.

The heel section, that has been shaved away, actually only has 4˚ of bounce, hence the versatility and why Tiger finds it so easy to hit the high flop shot when he’s short sided.

Taylor Made Tw Wedge 4

The leading edge is also lowering to the ground than similar high bounce wedge designs. It sits around about 1mm lower to the ground, meaning it is perfect from the tight lies Tiger comes across on tour. The front section of the sole grind actually has about 25˚ of bounce.

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It is a sole grind unlike any other and it means that Tiger does not have to change his wedges depending on course conditions, like most other pros tend to do.

Taylor Made Tw Wedge 5

His 60˚ has 11˚ of bounce and its leading edge relief provides great turf interaction on firm conditions. Like the 56˚, it is designed for versatility, allowing Tiger be more aggressive on open-face wedge shots because the leading edge stays closer to the ground.

• WITB – Collin Morikawa’s PGA Championship winning clubs

These wedges are about as versatile as you are ever going to find.

One of the reasons why Tiger’s grinds have not been available to his fans before is because of the unique nature and idiosyncrasies of the grinds.

Taylor Made Tw Wedge 6

Tiger and his club makers would go through numerous wedges trying to hand grind them to perfection.

Now, thanks to TaylorMade’s Milled Grind technology, and the level of precision it ensures, the brand is able to reproduce the TW grind time after time, with the milling process maximising consistency and maintaining tolerance levels too difficult for a human to repeat.

• TaylorMade Spider FCG – FIRST LOOK!

These wedges house all of the same technologies as their Milled Grind 2 counterparts and to complete the package come with the same True Temper Dynamic Gold Tour Issue S400 shaft and Golf Pride Tour Velvet Full Cord grip that Tiger uses.

Available: September 4

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