TaylorMade MG2 TW Grind Wedges – Tiger Woods’ secret short game weapon

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We all wish we could emulate Tiger’s magic touch around the greens, but let’s face it, hitting high drop and stop flops and low checkers from a tight lie are a lot easier said than done.

Well now you might be able to get a little closer to playing the magical shots you’ve seen the big cat pull off thanks to TaylorMade’s new Tiger Woods Special Edition Grind MG2 wedges.

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Tiger is a savant when it comes golf equipment. He pours over every single detail of his clubs to ensure they will perform to his unparalleled standards.

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For that reason, he uses some rather unique wedges.

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In this video David Cunninghame (@D_Cunninghame) talks you through the unique sole grinds he has on his wedges and how they allow him to hit all of the incredible shots we see him pull off around the greens.