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PXG are a brand who stand out in the golf world. With a range of high-end premium products, along with more affordable clubs, they have something for everyone. Here, we're going to put the PXG drivers head to head.

Let’s put the PXG Black Ops up against the PXG 0311 Gen6, to see what comes out on top.  

The PXG Black Ops is the brand-new offering from the American-brand, and the range features drivers, fairway woods and hybrids. In the driver, the biggest thing you want to know about is the AMF technology. This stands for Advanced Material Face, and it’s a large part of what makes this PXG driver so forgiving, and so high launching. We’ll get into that in more detail shortly.  

Next up, it’s the PXG 0311 Gen6 driver. This driver was released by PXG in 2023, but it’s still available from the brand. There’s no doubt that this is a great option, and it’s a little more affordable than the 2024 offering, as you would expect. This driver features a Ti412 titanium face, which isn’t quite as advanced as the AMF technology that we find in the Black Ops.  

Also, from a marketing point of view, the Black Ops name wins ten times out of ten over the 0311 Gen6. However, you’ll want to know how they stack up in terms of performance, so let’s get into it.  

PXG Black Ops driver v PXG 0311 Gen 6 driver

Credit: PXG
PXG Black Ops head to head
PXG Black Ops
This driver ticks all the boxes. Sends the ball high and straight.


  • AMF Technology helps to produce high, long ball flights  
  • I love the glossy look  
  • The most adjustable driver on the market  


  • Not quite as fast as some other brands
Available for £549 from PXG

This will be the driver I’ll be playing in 2024, which is a ringing endorsement of it. It’s clear that this is PXG’s most advanced driver yet, and all that technology really helps to help this perform on the golf course.  

Firstly, you’ve got the AMF technology. That stands for Adanced Material Face technology and it essentially is designed to keep ball speeds high, while keeping mishits moving in the right direction. Not only is this titanium face stronger, making it more durable, but also features more elasticity, helping you to keep ball speeds up. PXG wanted to create a driver that doesn’t compromise on distance for mishits, and they’ve done a great job of it. 

Initially, the AMF technology was used in the 0311 Gen6 driver, and the ball speeds increased, but PXG’s engineers knew that in a more aerodynamic head, this could be improved even more. To achieve that, the Black Ops range features a carbon fibre crown and sole. This allows PXG to improve their overall weight distribution, and that helps you swing it faster. 

Another key component in this driver comes in the adjustability and forgiveness that’s offered by the weights on the extreme perimeter of the clubhead. Precision Weighting Technology means that this driver comes with two light weights (2.5grams) and one heavy weight (12.5grams) as standard. However, you can customise that driver in any way you would like, with weights in two gram increments all the way from 2.5 grams to 20grams. Weight around the perimeter adds forgiveness and the option to change the weights offers adjustability. 

This driver is already fairly popular in the professional ranks, with the likes of Eric Cole, PGA Tour Rookie of the Year, putting it in the bag. I’ll be joining him in relying on it for 2024. Absolutely one of the best drivers for 2024.

Credit: PXG
PXG 0311 gen6 driver head to head
PXG 0311 Gen6
Still a great performing club that gives a slightly different look.


  • Slightly more affordable than its predecessor
  • Matte finish rather than gloss will appeal to some 
  • Still features a very high-speed face  


  • Not quite the same forgiveness levels as the Black Ops
Available for £469 from PXG

PXG’s 2023 model of driver is still up for grabs and there’s no doubt it’s a fantastic option.
Just like the Black Ops, the main tech story lies in the face of this driver. The strong Ti42 Titanium face offers fantastic ball speeds, thanks to technology that gives the club a decent spring off the face. That face is very tall, which will inspire confidence behind the ball, but also help eliminate some of the damage caused by mishits. While PXG now has more up to date tech, this driver is still going to perform very strongly.  

This driver has a very traditional shape behind the ball. The looks are one of the biggest differences between this and the new Black Ops driver, with the matte finish in the Gen6 different to the gloss finish in the Black Ops. This look might actually appeal to some, so if you prefer a more muted design, this could sway you in this direction.
What this driver also features is the Precision Weighting Technology, which we see in the Black Ops. However, it’s worth noting that the heavy weight in the Black Ops is four grams heavier than the heavy weight in the 0311 Gen6 driver. However, you do still have the option to move these weights around and get heavier ones at your custom fitting. 

Overall, this is a very strong option. Again, it’s in the hands of several players on tour, including Solheim Cup player Megan Khang, so clearly it still works for her.  


There’s no doubt that these two drivers from PXG are both great bits of kit.  

Not only do PXG give golfers the option to get custom fit, but they actively encourage it. This is something that I would highly recommend, and it’s an experience I had myself, at PXG London South.  

In that fitting I was put into the PXG Black Ops driver, and I would have no hesitation in recommending it to any other golfer, particularly if you’re getting custom fit. I’m certain that one of PXG’s team will get you using the best driver for you.  

I can also confidently say that the vast majority would leave with the Black Ops in their bag, over the 0311 Gen6. The forgiveness that you’re going to see from the Black Ops is fantastic. Believe me when I say that I hit plenty balls away from the centre of the club, and my dispersion was still solid.  

However, you might prefer the looks of the 0311 Gen6. It’s a matte finish, as opposed to the gloss finish in the Black Ops. I had used a matte finish driver in the past, but I really like the way the Black Ops looks.

I’d recommend trying them both out to see what suits your eye. Either way, I don’t think you’ll be disappointed.  

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