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PING’s expansive collection of G425 fairways, hybrids and crossovers has been engineered to deliver super-charged distance and consistent performance for every level of golfer.

To achieve all-round long game performance, and significant improvements over the G410 line-up that is being replaced, PING has introduced a selection of ground-breaking technologies.

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First off let’s delve into the real driving force behind the incredible speed on offer with the new fairways and hybrids.

Ping G425 Fairway Face Wrap

To take ball speeds to new heights PING has developed new Face Wrap technology.

The remarkably thin, high-strength Maraging steel face now wraps into the sole and crown to increasing flexing for more speed and a higher launch.

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PING say that you can expect up to a 1.5mph increase in ball speed and 4.5 yards more carry when compared with the G410 fairway woods.

To help improve consistency, speed and ultimately distance on your miss-hits, PING has also introduced a technology they are labelling Spinsistency.

Ping G425 Fw Spinsistency

The shaping and roll profile of the face in each fairway wood and hybrid has been altered to produce more consistent spin, especially for shots stuck low on the face.

Catching it a groove too low is an all too common issue for just about every golfer when hitting their fairways and hybrids, particularly when striking off the deck.

• PING G425 drivers – FIRST LOOK!

This miss-hit leads to very high spin rates, a significant drop in ball speed and, as a result, the likelihood of coming up short when attacking a pin from long range or when trying to clear a hazard from the tee.

PING says that its Spinsistency tech will effectively limit the effect of this particular miss-hit, while also improving overall spin, speed and launch consistency across the face.

As you would expect from PING, these fairways and hybrids will be remarkably forgiving. This comes courtesy of the extreme weighting in each design, pushing the MOI readings skyward and the CG (centre of gravity) low and deep.

The eagle-eyed among you will have probably noticed that neither the fairways nor hybrids boast the Turbulator technology that has been present in recent PING designs.

Ping G425 Fairway 3 Dot

Although Turbulators are still present on the G425 drivers, PING found that on the smaller heads of the fairways and hybrids the aerodynamic benefits were minor.

Instead, we now have a new 3-dot alignment system that provides everyone with a great visual cue to address the ball in the way that suits his or her eye.

Each fairway and hybrid also boasts PING’s Trajectory Tuning 2.0 hosel with its eight unique settings, allowing you to dial in your long game weapons.

Ping G425 Fw

There are three fairway models to choose from, the G425 MAX, LST and SFT.

As is the case with their bigger driver siblings, the MAX is engineered to deliver the most forgiveness and easiest launch of the three.

The LST, meanwhile, is the low spin option, with PING saying you can expect 200rpm less spin when compared with its G410 LST predecessor, plus 450rpm less spin on low strikes thanks to Spinsistency.

Finally the SFT model, with its heel-biased weighting, should deliver six yards more left bias when compared with the G410 SFT model being replaced, to go along with thee additional yards of carry.

Ping G425 Hybrid Face Wrap

For the G425 hybrids, PING is offering them in options form 2(17˚) to 7(34˚).

The heavy tungsten back weight has increased the MOI by about 3.7% when compared with the G410 hybrids to help aid forgiveness, while the new face technologies are expected by PING to deliver upwards of three yards of additional carry. 

Ping G425 Crossover Face

For those of you who are more accustomed to a utility iron design there is the all-new G425 Crossover.

An incredibly versatile tool from the tee and when approaching greens from long range, PING has worked hard to try and deliver additional speed and forgiveness with this new design.

The key to this plus greater consistency for PING was to work on producing more face flexing at impact with the ball.

The Maraging steel face insert is now 7% thinner when compared with the G410 Crossover, which has the dual effect of increasing ball speed and producing a higher launch. The result is longer, higher flying and more controlled shots.

To boost forgiveness levels PING has increased the MOI by about 6% with the help of extreme tungsten toe and hosel weights.

Plus, we now have a new stealthy look, very similar to that of the popular G710 iron, but with a sleeker, better player preferred profile.

The final thing to mention with each of these clubs is the inclusion of Arccos sensors, which come embedded in the grip as standard.

• Analyse your game like the pros with Arccos

This technology, when paired with the Arccos Caddie app, allows you automatically track your shots so you are able to make better, more data driven decision when looking to improve your game.

So there you have it, an expansive collection of long game armaments that boast some quintessentially PING characteristics; extreme forgiveness, pure distance and brilliant consistency.

Prices: Fairways £299, Hybrids £249, Crossover £225

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