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It used to be the case that when you bought a new driver, you were very limited in what you could adjust to make it work for you. In 2024, particularly with the PXG Black Ops, that’s no longer the case.

It’s a year where the rise of the 10K MOI driver is apparent, and although PXG might not be making a big noise about their latest driver’s moment of inertia, the PXG Black Ops can deliver 10K MOI.

However, to get to that number, some movement of weights in the club head is required. Thankfully for those of us who want that little bit of extra forgiveness, the adjustability that the latest PXG range offers makes it possible, and pretty straightforward.

When Caleb Kroloff, senior R&D engineer for woods at PXG, spoke to, he explained how important the power of adjustability is to the brand.

“We’re definitely a custom fitting company first,” Kroloff said. “Adjustability is extremely important for PXG. Our clubs are designed to be custom fit from the get-go.

“We don’t have many constraints when it comes to design, but one thing we always try to be is to be the most adjustable brand when it comes to drivers in the industry. We think that is always going to benefit the customer.

“Golf clubs today have a lot of different fitting systems and can be complex. Part of our brand is that our clubs are designed to be custom fit, and we want golfers to come in and see a fitter to be custom fit for their clubs. We want them to have as much adjustability as possible so that we can fit more people correctly.”

PXG Black Ops
The PXG Black Ops features three weights on the extreme perimeter of the club head. (Credit: PXG)

What makes the PXG Black Ops driver the most adjustable on the market?

The answer to that lies on the bottom of the clubhead, where three weights sit. As standard, you’ll find two 2.5gram weights, along with a 12.5 gram weight. While that’s going to suit a large range of players, if you want something that’s more to your taste, then you’re in luck.

During a custom fitting session, players can dial in the weights on their club, with weights ranging from 2.5grams to 20grams, in 2.5 gram increments. When you consider the possibilities for adjustability in that range, it’s essentially endless.

While you can adjust these yourself, if you do go to a custom fitting to get your PXG Black Ops driver, you’re going to get an expert dialling you into the best possible combination.

Not only does this help to alter your ball flight, but as Kroloff explains, this can help adjust the overall weight of your PXG driver.

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“During a fitting, golfers haven’t always been able to try a heavier driver or a lighter driver, or even as they’re adjusting the length, to keep the swing weight the same.

“Having the proper head weight can be really important to how you deliver the club and your consistency through the ball. That 12.5gram weight can be replaced, and we have every weight in a 2.5gram increment from 2.5 to 20 grams. There’s a lot of options and a lot of intermediate weights that players can try.

“This is great for fitters and it’s something that makes us unique. In a lot of settings this wouldn’t work, but having our own fitters and the ability to control that process is massive. This allows us to display the adjustability of the head, that other companies aren’t able to do that, as they’re more geared towards big box retail.”

What other technology is in the 2024 PXG Black Ops range?

While adjustability is great, the weights in the PXG Black Ops driver serve another purpose too: forgiveness.

If you look to the bottom of the club head, you’ll see all three weights are on the extreme perimeter. That’s for a good reason.

PXG Black Ops driver
The PXG Black Ops driver comes in a core model and a tour model. (Credit: PXG)

“With Black Ops we’ve really pushed to make a driver that is forgiving but without sacrificing on distance,” said Kroloff.

“When we talk about forgiveness, we talk about mishits and we’re talking about driving up the MOI (Moment of Inertia).

“This means that when players don’t hit the middle, the head doesn’t want to twist as much and the shots stay straighter and you don’t lose as much ball speed. The way we achieve that is by pushing more mass to the perimeter, by moving the centre of gravity back in the head.”

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