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Don’t judge a book by its cover.

An expression that perfectly sums up my thoughts on the new Phantom X range from Scotty Cameron.

When I first clapped eyes on images of the new putters I have to admit I was not a fan. Not at all.

Phantom X Review 2

The black and silver mallets, with their bold neon yellow sightlines and paint fill are unlike anything we’ve seen from Scotty Cameron before, and for me it was more than a little jarring.

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My initial reservations, however, were quickly put to rest once I got my hands on these high MOI flat sticks.

Phantom X Review 3

Before I run into my thoughts here is a quick run through of the technology behind what Scotty Cameron is describing as, “by far the most high-tech putter line we’ve designed to date.”

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Each Phantom X putter is a precision milled, multi-component mallet based on one of five new head designs. These models are slightly more compact than their Futura predecessors with sleek, ground-hugging contours.

Scotty Cameron’s proven multi-material construction methodology of combining 303 stainless steel and 6061 aircraft grade aluminium increases MOI and optimises weight distribution for more forgiveness and improved performance on the greens.

Phantom X Review 4

The new precision milled solid aluminium faces, meanwhile, deliver solid feedback and the kind of feel we have come to expect from a Scotty Cameron.

The Phantom X line’s 6061 aircraft grade aluminium components have been anodised black in a misted finish that helps to reduce sun glare. The 303 stainless steel head components have also been misted for a radiant yet glare-resistant appearance.

Neon yellow paint fill provides bold visual guidance in sight lines, while sight dots have been double-milled to highlight the neon yellow paint fill with a ring of silver-coloured aluminium. It’s safe to say Phantom X is unlike anything we’ve seen from Scotty before.

For more on the differences between each of 9 models simply click the link below.

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Phantom X Review 5

Although the design of these putters really did not take my fancy to begin with, once I got them on the putting green they began to make complete sense.

First off this range is noticeable more compact and sleeker in appearance when compared with the Futura line it is replacing. As someone who prefers blade style putters, that smaller profile down behind the ball is something I look for in a mallet style head.

Despite being more compact, these putters retain the high MOI properties of the larger Futura heads. What this means is plenty of forgiveness and the kind of performance a large mallet should deliver.

Phantom X Review 6

The contrasting silver and black looks so sleek, while the neon yellow sightline features really helped with alignment thanks to how visually striking they are.

Off the face these putters feel how a Scotty Cameron should feel. Firmer than most putters these days due to the fact there isn’t a face insert. The Feedback on offer is simply incredible. As soon as you have struck the putt you know exactly what it is going to do.

The solid, milled aluminium face also provides consistently effective roll off the putter face.

Phantom X Review 7

After going through the fitting process with Titleist’s Scotty Cameron specialist, Nick Sharples, we found that 5.5 model suits my game best. As the smallest of the heads shapes it immediately suited my eye, while the slightly firmer feel and sharper sound of the putter face was also to my taste.

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The reason why we went for the 5.5 as opposed to the standard 5 is down the fact that my putting stroke as a more of a pronounced arcing motion, so the increased toe flow its short bend hosel provides meant it ticked all of the boxes.

Those of you with a more straight back and straight through putting stroke will lean towards the standard face balanced models with their mid bend shafts. 

Phantom X Review 8

Another great feature of these putters is the new cement grey Pistolero Plus grip. It has a real classic Scotty feel and perfectly complements  the whole Phantom X look.

With five head shapes  and nine models to choose from I have no doubt that you will be able to find one that works for you, even if you are a blade guy like myself.

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