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If you’re looking for a simple and effective way of learning more about the strengths and weaknesses of your golf game then you need Shot Scope’s new V3 watch, and its fairly rock solid guarantee of lowering your handicap, in your life.

This brand-new device from the Scottish based performance tracking and GPS watch specialists builds upon the excellent V2 watch it is replacing with innovative new features, a sleeker design and greater accuracy than ever before. 

Shot Scope V3 2

Although I was a huge fan of the V2 it did have one quite large drawback, its size.

As far as GPS watches go it was on the bulky side of things. With the V3, however, we now have one of the most compact GPS golf watches that money can buy.

• Vintage WITB – Tiger Woods, 1997 Masters

It is smaller in terms of length, width and height but actually boasts a larger screen than its predecessor despite the overall package significantly shrinking down in size. 

Additionally, the V3 now boasts a new daylight readable colour screen, is available in five vibrant colours and can be used in a new everyday watch mode.

Shot Scope V3 4

On the tech side of things Shot Scope has decided to really up its GPS game.

Using the latest satellite technology, Shot Scope says it has produced the most accurate golf GPS on the market, accurate to just 30cm.

This marks an enormous improvement on the standard unit average of three to five metres.

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The V3 provides dynamic distances to the front, middle and back of greens as well as front and carry distances for every hazard on over 35,000 pre-loaded golf courses.

Other improved features come in the form of a longer battery life, now 10 hours in GPS + Track mode as opposed to six with the V2, a refined PinCollect interface and the ability to easily add penalty shots during the round.

Shot Scope V3 5

Now all of that is absolutely fantastic but the main reason why you should be considering purchasing this sleek bit of kit is because of what Shot Scope can do for your golf game.

The Scottish brand is at the forefront of performance tracking in golf and the V3 gives you unlimited access to Tour-quality performance statistics with the touch of a button.

More than 100 different analytics can be reviewed via the Shot Scope V3 mobile app or Shot Scope’s online dashboard on different clubs, tee shots, approaches, short game and putting.

Shot Scope V3 6

It is this wealth of data that allows you to better identify the strengths and weaknesses of your golf game and ultimately improve upon them to shoot some lower scores and get your handicap cut.

• Shot Scope’s FREE guide to improve your game at home

The proof has been in the pudding for Shot Scope. It says that on average a Shot Scope performance tracking users will improve by 2.7 shots after 30 rounds. That’s a massive improvement and the kind I’m sure each of you would welcome with open arms.

Shot Scope V3 7

Part of what makes using the V3 such a delight is the fact that you just play your normal round of golf, use the straightforward PinCollect system on the greens and allow the automatic ClubSense tech to work unbeknownst to you in collecting all of your data.

If, however, you don’t fancy performance tracking then you’ll be glad to hear Shot Scope has also launched the G3. This GPS-only device boasts all the great design features of the V3 with the exception of shot tracking technology.

Available: Now
Price: V3 – £209.99, G3 – £169.99 (launch price of £179.99 for the V3 and £149.99 for the G3 can be purchased at as well as most major golf stores and online retailers)

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