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Why get your putter custom fitted
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Putting tips with Alvaro Quiros
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Beat the Pro – Featuring Callaway’s European Tour Pros
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How to get out of bunkers – with Thomas Pieters
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A sneak peek at Callaway Kings of Distance 2018
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How to hit hybrids – with Sandra Carlborg
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A simple tip to hit the ball higher
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Callaway Kings of Distance 2018 - The ultimate golf day!
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Kings of Distance

Dan Blackwell talks up ‘unforgettable’ day at KoD
Byron Stobbart hails Joe Miller distance tip
Callaway-obsessed Neal Gladwin raves about Rogue range
Steven Todd amazed by ‘inhuman’ Miller
Mark Johnson goes Rogue after 15-yard gain
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Hold your finish to improve your discipline
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The correct grip pressure
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A simple drill to increase your shoulder turn
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How to hit the golf ball higher
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Clear the hips through impact
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Make your backswing steeper
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How to improve your strike with Peter Barber
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Start the golf ball on your intended target line
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Kings of Distance Zones

Driving Zone

Helping people to hit the ball further than they’ve ever done before is at the very heart of what Callaway Kings of Distance is all about. That’s why the Driver Zone...

Joe Miller Driver Zone

When it comes to hitting the ball a long way, few are in the same league as Joe Miller. The two-time World Long Drive champion can hit his Odyssey Two-Ball...

Long Game Zone

The good folks at Callaway don’t just want to hit it long and straight with your driver – they want you to make big, accurate gains with the rest of the clubs in your bag, too.

Tuition Zone

One of the best things about Callaway Kings of Distance is the opportunity for ordinary golfers to have access to some of the best tuition around, and nobody epitomised that...

Short Game Zone

It is reckoned that between 70% and 80% of all the shots that you hit in a round of golf will come from 100 yards and in. That’s why every good golfer needs a razor-sharp short game.

Odyssey Putting Zone

Making huge distance gains is all well and good but you’ve still got to be able to get the ball in the hole if you’re going to score well. That’s why Callaway Kings of Distance had its...

Callaway Tour Truck

Go to any top tour event and you’ll see a string of manufacturers’ trucks parked up the side of the driving range. These huge vehicles are, essentially, mobile ‘home from homes’...

'Beat The Pro' Zone

A new addition for Callaway Kings of Distance 2018, the ‘Beat The Pro’ Zone gave golfers the opportunity to take on one of the Callaway tour pros...

2018 Teams

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Player Profiles 2018

Kings of Distance - Black Team

Kings of Distance - Green Team

Kings of Distance - Grey Team

Kings of Distance - Light Blue Team

Kings of Distance - Purple Team

Kings of Distance - Red Team

Kings of Distance - White Team

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