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How some simple lines on your ball can help you improve your putting. 

When watching the world’s best putters on TV, you may notice how many of them mark their balls with a single line – both Tiger Woods and Rory McIlroy mark theirs in this way. That single line helps them line up.

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Personally, I advocate drawing two lines to further aid alignment – one points towards the direction of your intended target and the other allows you to check if the clubface is square.

The aim of the putter face is critical to holing more putts – just over 90% of the starting direction of the putt is controlled by the putter face.

Using a putter, like mine, with lines on the top allows you to see at address whether the putter face is square and lined-up towards your intended target.

In my opinion, marking the golf ball in this way also allows you to commit to your putts much better. Once the ball is replaced on the green, your line has been chosen, so the only thing to think about is the pace of the putt.

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Final Thought

Once you have replaced your ball, commit to your line and think about pace. Watch the line on the ball roll end over end towards the hole.

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