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Make your practice more fun and boost your scores with this fun game.

Approximately 70% of golf is played from inside 75 yards. But this distance can create the most challenges, giving awkward obstacles and lies that require a variety of shot types. Quality practise is key.

• Master the lob shot

• Set your club in motion

Challenge yourself to practise from different lies to expand your skill range, and try to get up and down in two from each one.

The introduction of a scoring system, like the Par-2 Challenge, is a great way to determine strength and weakness – the better you are, the lower you’ll score. Put yourself in the nine positions below and see how close you can come to shooting a score of 18.

30 yard pitch

Try playing it over an obstacle from short, conditioned grass. Get this down and you’ll save shots.

Awkward lies

If you miss greens, chances are you’ll be left with an awkward lie. Get better prepared and practise.

75-95 yard pitch

This range of pitch is designed to give you a favourite full swing lay-up wedge distance when you are uncomfortable going for the green.

Mega long putt

Get comfortable putting from distances. Try and leave your first putt within 10% of the overall distance as a guide for success.

Long chip

Play the percentages and try a compact swing with a less lofted club and run the ball the majority of the way to the flag.

Deep rough chip

Short-sided yourself in the thick stuff? It’s a short shot but impact conditions make it challenging. Tricky but a real card-saver.

Bunker splash

Spend time making golf’s most feared hazard your ally. Practising your technique will do wonders for your confidence.

• Perfect your hip rotation

• How to steal 20 yards

Soft-landing greenside chip

The greens are fast, your ball is sitting well in the rough. The difficulty with this shot is maintaining the control you need to fly the ball a considerable distance over the rough area and get it landing softly enough so that it slowly rolls to the side of the hole.

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