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Whatever you think of Phil Mickelson, leave it to one side and let him help your chipping.

That’s the message the six-time major champion had for his Twitter followers this week, as he took to the short game area to pass on some knowledge.

Mickelson, dressed in some of his LIV Golf HyFlyers team merch, a pair of sandals and his trademark sunglasses, explained how the shoulders are important when it comes to hitting solid chips.

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The left-hander explains some of the tips he’s dished out before, but then goes deep on how shoulder movement, or lack of it, can be killer around the greens.

“There’s one little thing I’d like to add that may help and that is this,” Mickelson explained.

“Much like the full swing, if you don’t turn your shoulders, you’re not able to get the club out in front on a good path. If you just tilt and stop your turn, there’s nothing to allow you to go through and you’re fighting to get the club to go through.

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“But, if you turn your shoulders, now the club can get out in front and get right on path.

“The same thing is true in chipping. If we just take it back and we don’t get any turn in our shoulders, the club wants to go through and it comes in very steep and it’s hard to find the bottom of the arc and make solid contact.

“What I like to do is really focus on getting my shoulders to start the turn. Even though I’m breaking my wrists and so forth and getting my hands ahead, if I can just turn my shoulders the first move, now it’s very easy to go through and into the finish.”

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Got all that? Basically, what Phil is getting at is that if you don’t move your shoulders when you’re chipping, you’re going to struggle.

Even though you might just want to move your ball a short distance, if you get stagnant over the shot, there’s a good chance your ball won’t move at all.

Love him or loathe him, Phil does know what he’s talking about when it comes to short game.

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