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The new Titleist TSi drivers are the complete performance package and could be your ticket to longer and straighter tee shots.

Titleist drivers in the have long held the reputation of being reserved for better players.

Although this reputation is unfounded in my opinion, it is something that has perhaps stopped Titleist drivers from finding their way into more golfers’ bags.

• Titleist TSi drivers – FIRST LOOK!

Two years ago the TS line-up, with their incredible all-round performance and speed, helped to combat this perception and were undoubtedly a huge step up from Titleist.

With the TSi line-up we now have two drivers that could easily find their way into your bag, just as they have done with mine.

Titleist Tsi Drivers Review 2

There is one word above all else that can perfectly describe these big sticks, consistent.

The new ATI 425 face, improved MOI and refined CG locations mean that almost no matter where you strike it across the face, you ball speed, launch and spin remain near enough the exact same.

• Titleist TSi fairway woods – FIRST LOOK!

The result of this is a bit mind-boggling. Even when you feel like you’ve struck it horribly you look up to find a powerful ball flight that just keeps on flying.

Titleist Tsi Drivers Review 3

It carries for days and is also a true fairway finder. You’ll notice your miss-hits going noticeable straighter and longer, while your pured ones go silly long.

It’s a real game changer from Titleist. Never before have I seen one of its drivers offer so much of every aspect of performance.

The other reason why one of these drivers could easily make their way into just about anyone’s bag is the brilliant feel and silky classic shaping on offer.

Titleist Tsi Drivers Review 4

The TSi2 is a high launching, easy to hit monster from the tee and its larger, stretched back shaping will deliver confidence to those of you who need it most from the tee.

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It will probably be the one that works best for most of you reading this because of just how incredibly user-friendly it is. Trust me, you don’t need to stripe it like Justin Thomas to game this driver.

Titleist Tsi Drivers Review 5

The TSi3, meanwhile, looks like a Titleist driver from about 15 years ago. Its compact pear shape is a joy to behold and sets it apart from any other driver on the market. It’s a modern classic.

The TSi3 is my baby. I love the looks and owing to the truly outstanding all-round performance on offer, it was a fairly straightforward decision to choose it as my new gamer.

The speed, distance, penetrating ball flight and remarkable stability are unmatched.

Titleist Tsi 2

As an added benefit, the new SureFit CG track at the rear is a more intuitive and easier to fine-tune in order to get exactly the ball flight you like to see.

The final thing I would like to touch on is the excellent feel of these drivers. Much like the looks the TSi3 has a classic feel to it. It’s all titanium construction gives a soft, dull ting at impact that I’ve not heard in years, while the TSi2 has a noticeably louder and more powerful feel that aids your confidence.

Titleist has poured over every single detail of these drivers and it shows. At every turn they exceed expectations.

Please give these drivers a bash for yourself, you’re bound to be amazed.

Available: 22nd October – available for custom fittings, 12th November – in stores
£519 (£689 with Graphite Design shafts)

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