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Wilson Golf’s new D7 driver is the latest incarnation of the brand’s hugely successful distance range.

This driver has been engineered using a host of innovative technologies to give mid to high handicappers more clubhead speed and more distance.

For a full rundown of the technology packed into the D7 range, click here.

D7 Review 2

You’re here, though, to find out how it performs, not what makes it perform, so let’s cut straight to the chase: how much distance can you expect off the tee with this big stick?

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The D7 features RE-AKT Technology, a combination of Superlight Design and Reactive Face Technology to help boost your speed and distance. The Superlight nature of the club is going to help you generate more clubhead speed, especially if your swing speed isn’t the fastest.

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For me, the clubhead speed was right up where I would expect it to be – in and around the 110mph mark.

D7 Review 3

Not only that, the ball speed was also right up there and I was also seeing the ideal launch conditions thanks to Wilson’s new Dynamic Launch Control. What this equated to was plenty of distance and a powerful, high launching, low spinning ball flight.

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The fact that each head is individually tailored to suit different swings and types of golfers means that you will be able to find a D7 that works for you. This innovative technology also makes up for the fact that you don’t have the ability to adjust the hosel like you could with its D300 predecessor.

D7 Review 4

Compared with the D300 the level of forgiveness is noticeably up. This is largely thanks to the new [K]omposite Crown design that is made from a layer of Dupont Kevlar sandwiched in-between two layers of carbon fibre.

This new crown has saved a massive amount of weight that has been re-located low and deep in the clubhead to boost the MOI and improve the launch conditions at impact. Plus, the layer of Kevlar helps to make the D7 sound significantly more pleasing at impact by dampening any unwanted vibrations.

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Forgiveness is also aided by that fact we don’t have an adjustable hosel. Adjustable hosels place a lot of weight in an area of the clubhead where we don’t really want it. That saved weight is again redistributed low and back in the head to improve the CG and level of forgiveness on mishits.

D7 Review 6

Now, although the improvements that have been made in terms of speed, distance, sound, feel and forgiveness are all striking, there is one reason why the D7 is head and shoulders above previous distance drivers from Wilson, and that is the looks.

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Down behind the ball, the driver sits nicely, with a confidence inspiring profile and that new [K]omposite Crown looks modern and sleek. The overall styling, with its blue trim will suit the eye of just about any golfer.

So, improved performance across the board, sweet sounding and slick looks make this driver well worth your considerations if you are looking for more distance. Also, at £269 you are getting a heap load of bang for your buck.

Available: Mid January
Price: £269
Options: 9˚, 10.5˚, 13˚ (10.5˚ LH)
Stock Shafts: UST-Mamiya Helium A-flex (45g), R-flex (46g), S-flex (57g)

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