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The M4 driver utilises TaylorMade’s pioneering Face Twist technology to offer unparalleled forgiveness with straight distance.

The M2 range has without a doubt been one of the most popular range of metalwoods in recent years amongst pros and amateurs alike. The M4 builds upon the established reputation of the M2 by incorporating new technologies and design features to offer golfers everywhere truly astonishing distance and accuracy.

M4 Driver

M4 18 Drv Main Center

The M4 driver compliments the M3 driver and its unrivalled personalization is by putting emphasis forgiveness with straight distance.

The M4 driver not only utilizes TaylorMade’s most groundbreaking technologies for 2018 (Twist Face & Hammerhead), it also incorporates Geocoustic engineering that combines geometry and acoustical engineering to unlock more forgiveness and best-in-class sound.

M 18 Twist Face Macro 01

Twist Face technology is what sets the M3 and M4 drivers apart from any other on the market today. The technology is designed to counteract golfers’ most common misses by delivering a corrective face angle when on off-centre strikes for longer, straighter shots.

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M4 Driver Hammerhead Still

Similar to the M3, the M4’s Hammerhead slot features reinforced outer portions for a lighter, more flexible face, which results in a larger sweet spot. The centre portion of the slot increases ball speed low on the face and drops unwanted spin for straight distance. Additionally, the newly designed face saves 8g of discretionary weight.

To increase the stability of the driver, the rearward mass pad has been increased by 86% from 22 to 41 gram. Also new to the M4 is a redesigned face that is both thinner and lighter to again help increase ball speed.

2018 M4 Driver Address

Geocoustic technology, first incorporated in the ’17 M2, combines geometry and acoustical engineering to deliver more forgiveness and best-in-class sound. The Geocoustic sole shapes allow for a low CG and larger head size, but with a more curved sole that has inherently higher frequencies, leading to better sound and feel. 

The Geocoustic sole design of the M4 driver freed up discretionary volume that allowed engineers to increase the overall face size and also improved sound and feel.

2018 M4 D Type Driver 3Quarter

In addition to the standard M4 model, TaylorMade is also offering a higher-launching, more draw-biased model, the M4 D-Type. It combines multiple draw-biased design technologies to help players who consistently fight fade-to-slice trajectories find more fairways.

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In addition to the multi-material construction, Twist Face technology and Hammerhead Speed Pocket, the D-Type is more heel-weighted (41g), has slight offset and uses advanced visual cues to promote a square face at address and a more draw-biased face at impact.

M4 Fairway


TaylorMade’s ultimate distance fairway has been made even more forgiving, taking everything learned from the use of multi-material composition, Speed Pocket, Geocoustic Technology and ICT integration to deliver a remarkably high-performing complement to the M4 driver.

Maximum distance and forgiveness is delivered by way of a larger sweet spot and more optimal launch conditions. A new split-weight mass pad separates the weight at the outward extremities of the head to preserve ball speed on shots hit off-centre.

2018 M4 Tour Fw 3Quarter

A thinner and stronger Ni-Co C300 face, along with TaylorMade’s proprietary Inverted Cone Technology (ICT), has increases the COR area of the clubface, thus minimizing ball speed losses on off-centre impacts delivering more distance more often.

In addition to the M4 fairway, TaylorMade is also introducing the M4 Tour fairway, which features a smaller head size (156cc versus 175cc) with a slightly deeper face, designed for better players who prefer a more compact look, lower launch and more workability.  

M4 Rescue


Completing the M4 metalwood lineup in 2018 a Rescue designed to help average golfers replace a long iron with higher, longer and more draw-biased performance. Offering both power and control, key performance technologies work in sync to produce exceptional ball speed and a larger sweet spot for enhanced overall playability.

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The low-profile body of the M4 Rescue has a tiered two-tone crown with the same matte silver front and gloss black rear section that showcases the distinctive and widely recognized aesthetics of TaylorMade’s M series.

2018 M4 Rescue Toe

The cut-through Speed Pocket serves to increase launch and maximize ball speed on shots hit below centre face. Similar to the M4 fairway, a new split-weight mass pad separates the weight at the outward extremities of the head to increase the club’s forgiveness by preserving ball speed on shots hit off-centre. In addition to the added forgiveness, a Geocoustic sole design and a short, fluted hosel work in tandem to optimize sound and feel at impact.

Available: February 16

Price: Driver £369, Fairway £229 (M4 Tour £279), Rescue £199

More info:

Twitter: @TaylorMadeTour

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