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For a lot of golfers, the idea of swapping a long iron out for a more forgiving hybrid is an appealing one. But what are the best hybrids for high handicappers 2023 had to offer?

Having a club that bridges the gap between your irons and your fairway woods is essential for a many golfers. And, for some, the idea of a driving iron isn’t feasible. Golfers will often find themselves a long way out on a par-5 or long par-4, and having a long club that is easier to hit than a fairway wood is a great option.

Best hybrids for high handicappers 2023

If you’re a golfer looking to fill a space in the bag between your longest iron and fairway woods, and you want maximum forgiveness, these are some great options for you.

Callaway Paradym X

Best hybrids high handicappers
The Paradym X hybrid is designed to glide through the rough. (Credit: Callaway)

The Callaway Paradym range has excelled in the golf world, and for good reason. You might think that it’s just for the elite golfers, but that’s definitely not the case. In the range, there’s the Paradym X hybrid, that is more like a full-sized fairway wood in shape, but will still bridge the gap between your longest iron and your 3-wood. In this design, versatility and forgiveness is the aim of the game.

In the clubhead you’ll find Callaway’s ‘Batwing’ technology, something that is going to increase stiffness around the perimeter of the face. But the face will still flex, allowing for extremely fast ball speeds, making for long carry distances.

You can expect low spin and high ball speeds with this club, making it a great option for someone who wants a hybrid that will go a long way.

RRP: £299

• MORE INFORMATION: Callaway Paradym X hybrid

Cobra Aerojet

Best hybrid for high handicappers
The Aerojet hybrid is a great all-rounder. (Credit: Cobra)

The Cobra Aerojet range is one that has appealed to a lot of tour players, and Cobra’s hybrids can certainly also help golfers who aren’t playing to the highest level. These are aimed at players who want distance, as well as forgiveness.

In these hybrids, you’ll find the same PWR-Bridge technology as the drivers and fairways, but you’ll also get a lower and further forward centre of gravity, which will promote a high launch. This means that on well struck shots, you’re going to get a towering ball flight.

Although these clubs aren’t specifically designed to be super-forgiving, they match the best of technology for better players up with forgiveness, to create a well-rounded hybrid option.

RRP: £219

• MORE INFORMATION: Cobra Aerojet hybrid

Ping G430

Best hybrids high handicappers
The Ping G430 is part of one of Ping’s most successful ranges. (Credit: Ping)

Ping make great clubs that can perform for a wide variety of players, and the G430 hybrid is no different. A key selling point of this club is that it comes in six loft options, so you can certainly include several different options in your bag.

Another thing to know about the Ping option is the Carbonfly Wrap, which replaces the traditional steel clubhead. This saves weight in the club, which can then be redistributed to the bottom of the head. This, in turn, helps the club to be more forgiving, as the centre of gravity is lower. This club also features Ping’s Spinsistency innovation, which is designed to regulate spin levels, making it ideal for generating stopping power on the green.

If you’re a player who has lots of shots into par-5s or long par-4s from the fairway, the Ping G430 hybrid is a great addition to the bag.

RRP: £279

• MORE INFORMATION: Ping G430 hybrid

PXG 0211

Best hybrids high handicappers
The 0211 hybrid is affordable and full of technology. (Credit: PXG)

You might associate PXG with super-premium ranges of clubs, but this hybrid is affordable without sacrificing quality, while appealing to a wide range of players. In particular, if you want something that is easy to hit and has a clean look, this is a great option.

In this club you’ll find PXG’s HT1770 stainless steel face, which is built to deliver very high ball speeds. Meanwhile, the squared-face design will offer players great forgiveness on mishits. Also helping with forgiveness is the mass of the club, which is shifted low and back in the club head, to promote high launch. When you put this club behind the ball, you’ll find a hybrid that has a long face from toe-to-heel, which will inspire confidence, and make your mishits less destructive on the golf course.

The PXG 0211 hybrid is a great choice for a player who wants an affordable club to sit between their irons and fairway woods.

RRP: £169

TaylorMade Stealth 2 HD

Best hybrids high handicappers
The Stealth 2 HD hybrid is built with speed in mind. (Credit: TaylorMade)

TaylorMade are well known for their technology that allows golfers to hit the ball a long way – but they do have a range designed to be easy to hit, which will appeal to mid handicappers and above.

The Stealth 2 HD hybrid comes with the brand’s signature Twist Face technology, which will help keep strikes from the heel or the toe going straight and make mishits less destructive. The HD model, which stands for High Draw, features a larger profile and lower centre of gravity than other TaylorMade hybrids. This is going to promote a high launch, something that lots of golfers crave, particularly in a hybrid, while the Thru Slot Speed Pocket will help you on shots where you catch the ball thin, as it will help to launch the ball higher. This makes it a great option from not just the tee, but also from the rough and fairway.

All round, this is a great option for mid-handicap players who want extra forgiveness in their longer clubs.

RRP: £239

• MORE INFORMATION: TaylorMade Stealth 2 HD hybrid

Titleist TSR1

Best hybrids high handicappers
The TSR1 hybrid has a large surface area behind the ball. (Credit: Titleist)

The most recent addition to the Titleist TSR range is the TSR1, which is aimed at players with a slower swing speed. That makes it ideal for players who need help getting more distance from their longer clubs.

This is a hybrid option that has a much larger profile on the ground behind the ball. You might almost mistake this for a fairway wood, but it is a hybrid that can sit between your woods and irons. This larger shape allows for a deeper centre of gravity and a very confidence inspiring shape. These clubs are also fitted with a shaft that is designed for a fairway wood. This is slightly longer that most other hybrid shafts, which is going to increase swing speed, giving you greater distance.

A larger shape than almost every other option in this category, this will appeal to those who aren’t keen on traditional thin hybrid shapes.

RRP: £259

• MORE INFORMATION: Titleist TSR1 hybrid

Wilson Dynapower

Best hybrid high handicappers
The Dynapower hybrid has been designed with the help of AI. (Credit: Wilson)

The Dynapower range from Wilson has been extremely popular in 2023, and their hybrid is a great option for those looking for an affordable but high-performing club.

This club is available with lofts as high as a 6-hybrid, meaning you can get something very high launching for your bag. This is a very clean looking hybrid club, with a small red detail that you’ll see when you put the club behind the ball. Inside, Wilson used AI technology to identify the optimal thickness of the club face, meaning you’ll get high ball speeds no matter where you strike the ball. Internal weighting in Dynapower clubs pushes the centre of gravity down and back, to promote a high ball flight, making it ideal for higher handicap players.

The Dynapower hybrid is a fantastic club for those looking for a great performing, clean looking club.

RRP: £179

• MORE INFORMATION: Wilson Dynapower hybrid

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