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When it comes to chosing the right equipment to get the best out of your game, ball selection is of vital importance.Whether you’re looking for more length off the tee, a softer feel around the green or greater spin control, knowing which ball you need can sometimes be tricky. However, with the introduction of the Nike Golf RZN Recommender you can now tee up with confidence.

The ‘Nike RZN Recommender’ is a digtal tool which helps golfers determine which ball suits their game best.

The new tool won’t just tell players which ball is right for them, crucially it will also them why.

The idea is to help players of all abilities reconise what they need from their ball and what ball from Nike’s latest release is right for them.

Users answer a series of five simple questions: What’s your average score? What is your club head speed? Stay within the fairway or slice and hook? What is your ball flight? What do you want out of your approach shots?

“There’s a RZN for everybody” – Mike Pai

From this simple data the ‘Nike Golf RZN Recommender’ shows users exactly what type of ball they need to take their game to the next level.

Mike Pai, Global Product Director of Golf Balls & Bags for Nike, explains what golfers will get out of the new tool.“Different golfers have different needs when it comes to the ball they should be playing.

“The RZN Recommender is a great tool that utilises a strategic, streamlined approach to make sure you have the right ball in your bag, and help you understand why it will help your golf game.

“There’s a RZN for everybody, whether you’re a beginner or have been playing the sport your whole life.”

However, it’s not just club players that have embraced Nike Golf’s newest golf ball release, European tour stars such as Rory McIlroy, Paul Casey and Scotland’s Scott Jamieson are now using balls from the RZN line on tour.

The release of the Nike RZN Platinum, the RZN Black, the RZN Red, and the RZN White sees a new range of balls that feature Speedlock RZN core technology, created with an interlocking core design that helps maximise energy transfer between the layers at impact for faster ball speed, longer distance, and more stability into the wind.

All four models also have a softer cover and softer compression in the core to help provide improved sound and feel, especially on off-centre shots, making them useful for the average club golfer as well.

Nike Golf RZN balls find out more

The Nike Golf RZN balls are avaliable from March first and can be purchased from


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