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The new Z 585 and Z 785 irons from Srixon offer two distinct designs that employ cutting-edge technologies to either enhance distance or workability.

Building upon the success of Srixon’s previous generation, the new Z Series irons offer tour-validated designs with a soft forged feel.

The Z 785 irons feature a Tour Cavity, providing additional mass behind the impact location for increased shot-shaping ability and versatility. The Z 585 irons feature an added speed groove that allows for more face-flex, enhancing ball speed and distance.

You can find out more about the features and benefits of these new clubs here.

First, though, here’s what I made of them when I took them out on the course recently.

Z 585

Speed and feel. That is what you can expect from the 585s. The new Speed Groove helps to deliver a level of ball speed not commonly associated with a forged iron. This internal channel on the high stretch SUP10 face insert allows for more face-flex, delivering that additional ball speed.

Z 585

Although these irons deliver impressive speed, they still retain a great level of feel. Forged from soft 1020 carbon steel and featuring an updated Tour V.T. sole, the 585s glide through the turf with ease and provide the level of feel golfers look for in a better player iron.

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Z 585 2

A little wider and larger than the 785s, you can also expect a great level of forgiveness to go along with the increased speed and soft feel. The Z 585s really are a great all-rounder that will suit so many different types of golfer.

Z 585 3

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It is also worth noting both models can be seamlessly blended together into a mixed set, so if you have you heart set on the 785s but are looking for a some additional help with the long irons, then don’t turn your nose up at the benefits the 585s offer.

Z 785 2

For the last 15 months or so I have had the Z 785’s predecessors (the Z 765s) in my bag. I’ve loved playing with these irons. They offer exactly what I look for in a better players iron: soft and responsive feel, great turf interaction, ample speed, fantastic looks and a great level of workability and versatility.

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As is the case with the Z 585 irons, the Z 785s are more of an evolutionary product rather than a complete design overhaul. It is the small details with these new irons that have really impressed me.

The performance I saw on my SkyTrak was pretty much as I had anticipated. It was very hard to separate the 785 and 765 irons, with both giving me the numbers I wanted to see, from ball speed, to launch, spin and carry distance.

Z 785 3

It was out on the course, however, where the Z 785s began to edge their nose in front. The increased workability provided by the new Tour Cavity made these irons an absolute delight to play with.

Not only that, they were also delivering a slightly softer feel and noticeably better turf interaction compared with the 765s thanks to the refined Tour V.T. Sole design

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The overall aesthetic is also more modern and features a shaper, crisper look that certainly gives these new models the edge in the looks department.

Z 785 765

Overall, both the Z 785 and 585 models show subtle improvements over
their predecessors and the two distinct designs will tick every single
one of you boxes, irrespective of what you demand from a forged, better
player iron.

Available: September 14

Price: £799 for a six-piece steel set (£899 for a six-piece graphite set) or £169 per club

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