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Srixon’s fourth generation Q-STAR TOUR golf ball aims to bring tour-calibre performance to those of you who don’t possess an abundance of swing speed.

This golf ball has been engineered to give you the all-round performance benefits you need to shoot lower scores.

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Let’s break down the Q-STAR TOUR’s three-piece construction.

Srixon Q Star 2022 3

The engine of the golf ball is its FastLayer core, designed to give explosive distance, along with soft feel. To achieve this, Srixon built a core that boasts a graduated transition from soft inner core to firm outer edge.


FastLayer behaves like a core with thousands of layers, giving you distance and softer feel without compromise. The softer core should also help to reduce long game sidespin. That means your driver and wood shots fly straighter and stay on target for more accuracy off the tee.

Srixon Q Star 2022 2

Often, what sets a tour-calibre golf ball apart from other, less effective designs is its cover technology. To be a true tour ball you need to have a urethane cover. It is this cover material that ensures you experience the maximum spin and control tour players demand around the greens.

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For the Q-STAR TOUR, a new urethane cover with a coating of flexible molecular bonds digs deep into wedge and iron grooves for increased friction and maximum spin.

Like its Z-STAR counterparts, the cover features Spin Skin with SeRM technology. The
coating enhances spin at an atomic level because its molecules are
bonded together using moveable cross-links. These cross-links work like
microscopic pulleys and ropes, distributing loads evenly among the
molecular chains that are the building blocks of Q-STAR TOUR’s urethane

That even distribution of shearing force makes the urethane cover
incredibly elastic. So elastic, in fact, that it expands into your
wedge and iron grooves at impact.

Put simply, that added bite increases friction on all your approach shots for greater spin.

Srixon Q Star 2022 4

Put simply, that added bite increases friction on all your approach shots for greater spin. 

Rounding out the construction is a 338
Speed Dimple pattern. It improves overall aerodynamics for better
flight performance throughout your bag and when playing in the wind.

Another added bonus is the new, longer side stamp that helps you to align those crucial putts.

Available: February 25
£34.99 (per dozen)

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