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COBRA has revealed its tech-packed line-up of drivers for the 2022 season – the all-new LTDx family.

The LTD name may be one that is familiar to you. That is because in 2016 we saw COBRA introduce its LTD driver – the first to achieve zero CGna for low spin and fast ball speed performance. The original LTD proved to be a very popular driver among so many golfers, including Bryson DeChambeau. In fact, Bryson was still using the LTD last year, often seen flitting between it and the brand’s 2021 RADSPEED model.

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The LTDx family carries on the legacy of its forebearer by combining Zero CGna and 5,200 MOI. Now that not mean great deal to you, but it’s actually rather simple, with the LTDx you can expect faster ball speeds with extreme forgiveness.

Cobra Ltdx Drivers 4

The LTDx drivers also house PWR-COR TECHNOLOGY, which uses multi-material internal and external weights to reposition as much weight low and forward as possible to lower spin and deliver powerful ball speed upon impact. 

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Using machine learning and CNC machining, COBRA engineers have replaced its E9 face with a new variable thickness design called H.O.T Face (Highly Optimized Topology) that is precision tuned for speed. Using data from thousands of impact simulations, COBRA has optimised thicknesses in 15 different zones to maximize ball speed across a larger area of the face. These zones create visual peaks and valleys that resemble a topology map, hence the name.  

Cobra Ltdx Drivers 5

In addition, the LTDx drivers utilize a MULTI-MATERIAL Construction, with up to 30% more carbon fibre than the previous RADSPEED model, and a lighter and stronger titanium chassis to maximise stability. 

COBRA engineers have redesigned the previous T-Bar chassis to reposition more titanium lower to the ground and around the perimeter edge to lower CG and increase MOI, resulting in 8g of weight savings. 

There are three models for us to sink our teeth into, the LTDx, LTDx MAX and LTDx LS.

Cobra Ltdx Drivers 2


Let’s get started with the standard model, which has been engineered to provide the perfect blend of LS and MAX into one driver.

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The LTDx hits a true sweetspot of driver design. It is aimed at players that want maximum speed and distance but also value forgiveness. A slightly oversized 460cc clubhead is constructed with the perfect balance of internal weighting to deliver the fastest ball speed with slow spin and maximum distance.

The construction utilizes 19g total weight positioned in PWR-COR (14g internal MIM steel weight & 5g external CNC Milled stainless steel weight) and 15g total in the back using 5g of tungsten and a 10g fixed back weight.

Its combination of zero CGna and a high MOI at 5200 mean that it will provide fantastic performance for a vast array of golfers, almost regardless of ability level.

Cobra Ltdx Max Driver


Now let’s shift our focus onto the LTDx MAX. As the name suggests, this is the model for those seeking maximum stability.

What will make this driver appealing to so many, however, is its versatility. It combines max forgiveness and max draw bias into the one head thanks to interchangeable weight system. The 10g heavy weight can be positioned in the back to deliver the most forgiving/stable driver that COBRA offers.

If, however, you position the heavy weight in the heel, you can expect 11 yards of draw bias. The adjustable hosel can then be set in the “DRAW” setting for an additional 7 yards (18 yards total). Like the LTDx, it features a slightly oversized 460cc profile that is bound to inspire confidence and also houses PWR-COR and H.O.T. FACE technologies. 

Cobra Ltdx Ls Driver


Lastly onto the low-spinning, LTDx LS bomber. This is the model we are likely to see most of COBRA’s staff pros put in the bag and has been designed for skilled players with faster swing speeds who desire maximum workability and a more traditional head shape.

The LS driver positions most of its weight low and forward to deliver that low spin. The result is a more workable, piercing ball flight. An adjustable weight system features a 10g & 3g weight that can be exchanged to either the front heel or toe to fine tune trajectory. The traditional 460cc shape features an aggressive aerodynamic design that allows players with faster swing speeds to maximise their clubhead speed for increased distance.

PWR-COR positions as much weight low and forward using a 14g internal MIM steel weight and a 5g 100% milled, stainless steel external weight (19g total) to lower spin and increase speed. Combined with the 13g of moveable weights, places an impressive 32g low and forward. 

COBRA’s decision to revive its LTD franchise with these three brilliant designs is clear indication of its desire to optimise your performance off the tee through technical innovations.

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If you are in the market for a new driver then the LTDx family is one you simply must consider, with brilliant all-round performance promised and three distinct model to suit every golfer’s needs.

Available: February 11
Price: £399

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