The driver that has it all? | COBRA LTDx drivers REVIEWED!

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COBRA has engineered its new LTDx driver to hit a real sweetspot of design.

The LTD name may be one that is familiar to you. That is because in
2016 we saw COBRA introduce its LTD driver – the first to achieve zero
CGna for low spin and fast ball speed performance.

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The LTDx family carries on the legacy of its forebearer by combining
Zero CGna and 5,200 MOI. Now that not mean great deal to you, but it’s
actually rather simple, with the LTDx you can expect faster ball speeds
with extreme forgiveness.

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There are three models to choose from, and in the video David
Cunninghame (@D_Cunninghame) runs you through each of them, while also
comparing the new designs with last year’s RADSPEED.

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Watch the video and find out why David is such a big fan of COBRA’s latest creations.