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XXIO, the premium lightweight golf equipment specialist, has revealed its all-new XXIO 12, XXIO 12 Ladies and XXIO X clubs, as well as the new XXIO Rebound Drive balls.


Let’s begin with the brand’s flagship XXIO 12 family. This range perfectly epitomises XXIO’s design philosophy of producing remarkably lightweight, premium and easy-to-use clubs.

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XXIO has introduced a suite of technologies to amplify performance for those of you who struggle to generate high clubhead speed.

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One of the new technologies featured across XXIO 12 is ActivWing, which stabilises the clubhead and helps square up your face angle at impact to consistently hit the sweetspot, in turn increasing ball speed for maximum distance.

Xxio Activ Wing

In-house testing data showed that XXIO 12 with ActivWing delivered a 17% tighter impact pattern on average than previous generations without it.

Rebound Frame is another new technology that delivers a four-layer structure that alternates between stiff and flexible zones, putting more energy into the golf ball for increased ball speed and distance. According to XXIO, the new 12 driver features a 28% higher COR area than the previous generation.

Furthermore, a new Super-TIX 51AF Flat Cup Face allows for a strong flexible face that helps increase ball speed especially on off-centre strikes.

Continuing from the last generation, Weight Plus is a counterbalancing technology that allows for an easier takeaway and a more consistent club path that helps square the face at impact.

For XXIO, no level of detail is too minute. From individually engineered grips and shafts to driver and iron faces made from exotic Titanium alloys, the XXIO 12 rage delivers the premium feel that we have come to expect from the Japanese brand.

Xxio 12 Ladies

In addition to the new XXIO 12, XXIO is also introducing XXIO 12 Ladies. XXIO 12 Ladies is a women’s set with individually developed and engineered components that are tailored to the female player.

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With modified shaft flex profiles, premium technologies and two stunning colourways, XXIO 12 Ladies is bound to suit any women’s swing and style.

Xxio X


Now it’s time to shift our focus onto the X range. Whereas the XXIO 12 line-up is targeted more towards slower swing speed players, the X offerings have been engineered with the more accomplished, faster swinging player in mind.

That being said, the XXIO X range still adheres to the brand’s principles lightweight, premium and easy-to-swing designs.

Featured across the entire line of XXIO X Drivers, Fairway Woods, and Hybrids, ActivWing serves to improve aerodynamics at the start of the downswing to stabilise the clubhead and tighten up your impact pattern.

The all-new XXIO Rebound Frame and Flat Cup Face enables the new X line of clubs to effectively transfer energy into the golf ball at impact with remarkable levels of power and efficiency.

With the new X iron you can attack the pin with confidence. These irons feature a new high-strength steel face plate, laser micro milling for optimal spin consistency, loft specific grooves, and a V-Shaped sole for a pure feel on every strike.

Aggressive looks, premium feel, and stouter shafts make XXIO X a great choice for accomplished players.

Xxio Rebound Drive

XXIO Rebound Drive

The new XXIO Rebound Drive golf balls provide the versatile performance so you can tackle every situation out on the course.

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These golf balls feature XXIO’s proprietary Rebound Frame Technology, which interposes areas with high and low rigidity to produce just the right amount of flex for higher initial ball speeds along with a pure feel at impact. It’s distance, feel, spin, and all the performance needed in one new golf ball offering from XXIO.

Available: March 4
Prices: XXIO 12 & X driver £699
XXIO 12 & X fairway woods £469
XXIO 12 hybrids £329
Individual XXIO 12 & X irons £220 (graphite) and £200 (steel)
Five-piece iron set (6/PW) £1099 (graphite) and £999, (steel)
Rebound Driver balls £50 (per dozen)

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