FIRST LESSONS (Epic Mission EP 2)

By David Cunninghame Published: 17 June 2019
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In this episode (Ep 2), our man Steve Johnston gives each of the four participants their first lessons of the series.

Darren, who is fairly new to game, is a classic example of someone that tries to help the ball up into the air. All of his weight is on his back foot after impact. Not good.

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Gordon is the ‘yoyo’ man. His fundamentals are solid but he struggles to maintain his height and spine angle throughout the swing.

Ross’s grip is more than a tad strong so, unsurprisingly, he has a tendency to hook the ball way too often

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Finally, Allan, like many golfers, struggles with an in-to-out swing path, meaning he both slices and pulls his shots.

Can Steve fix these issues and start our men on the road to lower scores?

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Watch the video to see how our four golfers got on with Steve and you might be able to pick up some useful advice as well.