MIZUNO ST200 vs JPX850 – Can a five-year-old driver keep up with a brand new one?

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At the start of 2020, we saw Mizuno release its new ST200 drivers.

The Japanese irons specialist will probably be the first to admit that it wasn’t quite at the races with some of its driver designs a few years back.

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However, since the introduction of the ST180 line-up in 2018 the brand has really upped its game and, with the ST200, we have Mizzy’s pièce de résistance.

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It looks sensational, sounds fantastic and performs as well as any other driver on the market.

In this video you will find out just how far Mizuno has come over the past five years or so as David Cunninghame (@D_Cunninghame) pits the ST200 against his old JPX850.

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He also details all of the technology packed into the ST200 and its ST200G and ST200X counterparts.