Reviewed: Vertical Groove Driver

By David Cunninghame Published: 24 October 2017 | Updated: 10 March 2023
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Vertical Groove Golf is the first company to bring to market a golf club with vertical groove technology on the face of the club that conforms with the rules of golf.

This distinctive driver has peaked the interests of many in the golf industry and is currently John Daly’s weapon of choice off the tee.

Vertical Groove Golf say the grooves have been designed to impart less spin at impact, forcing a tighter dispersion and on average up to a 40% straighter ball flight and up to 10 yards more carry.

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Apart from promising more distance and forgiveness, the physical properties of this new vertical groove technology pushes concentric shock waves away from the shaft to give a crisp, clean response at impact.

Watch the video to hear out thoughts on this quirky and unique driver.

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