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If you can’t get your ball in play off the tee, then shooting good scores is going to be a real struggle. However, there are a range of drivers that are designed to help higher handicappers get the most out of their tee shots. With that in mind, let's look at the best drivers for high handicappers 2023 had to offer. One of the most common problems that high-handicap golfers face is the slice. This can be particularly bad when hitting the driver, as it’s the longest club in the bag. If you struggle with that shot, you might benefit from putting a more forgiving, draw bias driver in your bag.

Most forgiving drivers 2023

If you’re a golfer that wants more forgiveness from their driver, then here’s nine options you can try out...

Callaway Paradym X

[caption id="attachment_92600" align="alignnone" width="750"]Callaway Paradym X driver The Paradym X features an AI designed face. (Credit: Callaway)[/caption] The Callaway Paradym range is one of the most popular in 2023 and it’s not just for low handicap players. The Callaway Paradym X is designed for players looking for high performance and forgiveness. This model will provide players with extreme forgiveness, with a head designed to promote a slight draw bias. This driver has a high MOI, which is going to help you launch the ball high from the tee. It has a 360 carbon chassis, which allows Callaway to redistribute weight around the head, for maximum distance. You’ll also find the Jailbreak AI technology, which enhances speed. A fantastic club that will help you get a high launch, in a head that looks great. RRP: £599 • Full review: Callaway Paradym range

Cobra Aerojet Max

[caption id="attachment_92601" align="alignnone" width="750"]Cobra Aerojet Max driver The Aerojet Max is a great looking driver. (Credit: Cobra)[/caption] The Cobra Aerojet range features three drivers, with the Max being the most forgiving. Cobra say this is longer than previous generations of the equivalent models too. Featuring the pwr-bridge weighting system at the front of the head, this driver is designed to provide maximum energy transfer for high ball speeds. Cobra work hard on the aerodynamic shaping of their drivers and that is no different with the Cobra Aerojet Max, which is streamlined to reduce drag. Also, you’ll find the PWRSHELL H.O.T, which maximises flexibility, promoting a high launching ball flight. This driver from Cobra looks great with its carbon crown and sole, and it will help you to hit longer, straighter drives. RRP: £425 • Full review: Cobra Aerojet

Mizuno ST-X 230

[caption id="attachment_92603" align="alignnone" width="650"]Mizuno ST-X driver Mizuno say the Cortech Chamber is revolutionary in their drivers. (Credit: Mizuno)[/caption] Well known for their irons, but Mizuno also do well in the driver department. If you want forgiveness from them, then look no further than the ST-X 230 driver, which is designed to help eliminate your slice. Mizuno also say that the Cortech Chamber in this driver’s head is the ‘missing piece’ that their drivers needed. This bit of technology helps the club launch the ball faster with less spin. Mizuno say that on a lower loft, this club could even suit elite players, such is its versatility. If you want a high performing driver that can be adjusted to give maximum forgiveness, this is a great option. RRP: £499 • Full review: Mizuno ST

Ping G430 Max

[caption id="attachment_92604" align="alignnone" width="750"]Ping G430 Max driver The G430 Max is a great all-round performer. (Credit: Ping)[/caption] Ping drivers are already known for their forgiveness, so you can be sure that their draw bias model will provide high handicappers with a great option. A new face design will help players get optimised flex from the club face, while the shallow qualities of the face will help you to hit the ball further. Also featured in this head is spinsistency, which is Ping’s technology that decreases spin on low hits, meaning your mishits will still travel a long way. If you’re someone who doesn’t strike the driver from the centre every time, that’s a big help. This driver has the most MOI from any Ping model ever made, thanks to high-density weights at the back of the head, which make your ball launch higher. Ping make great looking clubs, and this is no different. The turbulators on the top of the head help with aerodynamics, while it’s an extremely forgiving model. Certainly one of the best drivers for high handicappers of 2023. RRP: £525 • Full review: Ping G430

PXG 0311XF Gen6

[caption id="attachment_92605" align="alignnone" width="750"]most forgiving drivers 2023 The 0311 XF Gen6 driver is designed for maximum forgiveness. (Credit: PXG)[/caption] Known for their high-end premium products, PXG make some great kit, and this driver is definitely one of the best models for high handicappers. The 0311 XF Gen6 driver features a larger, more forgiving head than any other PXG driver, making it easy to square the face at impact. That face is made from Ti412 Titanium Alloy, which helps generate face deflection and spring, for super fast ball speeds. On the top of the head is a carbon fibre crown, that allows weight to be distributed better around the club, for optimal CG and added forgiveness. This is a great option for someone who wants a premium club that will tick a lot of boxes. It’s also not as expensive as you might anticipate from PXG. RRP: £469 • More Details: PXG 0311 XG Gen6 range

Srixon ZX5 Mk II

[caption id="attachment_92606" align="alignnone" width="750"]best srixon driver The ZX5 MkII driver features a rebound frame with two flex zones. (Credit: Srixon)[/caption] With major champions such as Shane Lowry, Hideki Matsuyama and Brooks Koepka in their team, Srixon are clearly doing something right. If, however, you’re not a major champion and you want a forgiving driver option, the ZX5 Mk II driver could be the option for you. This club head has a large, flattened footprint, which makes it easy to launch the ball high off the tee. In the head you’ll find the rebound frame, which allows the face to create very high ball speeds. Rather than just one flexing component, this driver has two, which combine to make a very fast club. If you’re looking for a driver that is focussed on high launch with high forgiveness, this is a great place to look. RRP: £499 • More Details: Srixon ZX range

TaylorMade Stealth 2 HD

[caption id="attachment_92607" align="alignnone" width="600"]taylormade stealth driver The Stealth 2 HD driver features 75% more carbon. (Credit: TaylorMade)[/caption] With an iconic red face design, the TaylorMade Stealth 2 HD driver is part of one of the most recognisable driver ranges in 2023. The face in the driver head will give you 75% more carbon than the previous Stealth model, which is going to make this driver produce fast ball speeds. With the Stealth 2 HD, however, you’re going to see increased forgiveness in shots that don’t hit the middle of the face. That’s thanks to the 60X Carbon Twist Face, which will flex at impact, to help shots that strike the heel or the toe still fly straight. The club’s inertia generator has been shifted close to the heel, which allows for draw bias and the highest MOI possible. If you want a driver that will really stand out, while providing high ball flights that draw, then the TaylorMade Stealth 2 Plus HD is for you. One of the best drivers for high handicappers in 2023. RRP: £525 • Full review: TaylorMade Stealth 2

Titleist TSR1

[caption id="attachment_92608" align="alignnone" width="750"]forgiving titleist driver The TSR1 is made for players with a slow swing speed. (Credit: Titleist)[/caption] The final addition to the Titleist TSR range, the TSR1 is aimed at high handicappers with a slow swing speed. This club is ultra-lightweight, meaning that slower players will be able to gain club head speed with it. As well as that, the variable thickness face will help strikes from across the face to perform well, with well struck balls flying high and far. The centre of gravity in the TSR1 is deep and almost perfectly centred, promoting high ball flights. This club is perfect for high handicappers who want a driver that will help them get more height and performance from the tee. One of the best drivers for high handicappers in 2023. RRP: £529 • More details: Titleist TSR1 range

Wilson Dynapower Titanium

[caption id="attachment_92609" align="alignnone" width="750"]Wilson Dynapower driver The Dynapower Titanium has been designed with the help of AI. (Credit: Wilson)[/caption] Wilson are beginning to establish themselves as key players in the golf club market and the Dynapower range is a large part of that. The Dynapower Titanium is the most forgiving model in the range. With a 16gram rear weight and a CG positioned low and to the back of the club, you’ll get high launch that will help eliminate a slice in your drives. This is another club that has been designed with the help of AI, which has helped designers make the face the optimal thickness on each section of the club. A club that features a clean design on the top of the head, this driver will appeal to a high handicapper that is price conscious, while still wants great performance. RRP: £420 • Full review: Wilson Dynapower If you like our best drivers for high handicappers 2023 rundown, you'll love our YouTube Channel!

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