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It’s less than a month until ‘Full Swing’, a documentary which gives a behind the scenes look at the PGA Tour, debuts on Netflix.

The trailer for the show, which was released recently, sparked plenty excitement in the golf world. 

Now, thanks to an in-depth piece from GQ, we know some more intriguing details about the show and its eight episodes.

Here goes…

Brooks Koepka was deemed ‘too sad’ to kick off the series

The original plan was for the four-time major champ to kick off ‘Full Swing’.

That, however, won’t be the case. Koepka was deemed ‘too sad’ by those at Netflix to get the show under way, as he pondered where his golf game had gone wrong and, ultimately, where his career was heading.

In one clip, the former world No.1 is said to be so miserable due to his stuttering golf game, that he can’t focus on plans for his upcoming wedding. Yikes.

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We’ll get a close look at Matt Fitzpatrick’s big moment

Perhaps the most memorable action from the golf course in 2022, Matt Fitzpatrick dramatically claimed the US Open title at Brookline.

Much like how ‘Drive To Survive’ focuses on an F1 team each week, Full Swing will feature various golfers at each event. Some weeks might be boring, others might be exciting.

The cameras’ decision to follow Matt Fitzpatrick at the Country Club, despite him being a relatively long shot heading into the week, paid dividends. We’re certainly looking forward to that episode.

Don’t expect to see too much golf

Although it’s a golf series, you won’t see loads of on-course action. Producers reckon only around a third of the show is going to come from the course itself, while the rest will be focussed on personalities.

It’s not going to be a highlight reel of the year’s best moments on the course. More of a behind-the-scenes look at the sport’s biggest personalities.

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There’s big stakes gambling on a private jet

One clip, according to GQ’s Sam Schube, focusses on Jordan Spieth and Justin Thomas, who are travelling on a private jet. The pair are playing a card game, where they try and guess which card the other will pick out.

The reward for a correct guess? $1,000.

LIV Golf was a ‘dream’ for producers

It would be impossible to document 2022 on the PGA Tour without talking about LIV Golf. The biggest drama in the sport might be a headache for some but, for those looking for drama for a TV show, it was a God-send.

“Listen, if I was being cynical, I would say it was a dream for the series because it gave real stakes and real dilemma to some of these characters. It’s been kind of story dynamite for us.” said Paul Martin, the founder of Box to Box films, the team behind the show. 

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There might be a second series in the works

We’ve not even watched the first season of ‘Full Swing’, but there could be another one coming.

Producer Chad Mumm is, according to Schube, interested in taking a closer look at the Ryder Cup, or another deep dive on the game’s biggest events.

It worked for ‘Drive To Survive’, which is about to drop its fifth season, shortly after ‘Full Swing’ hits screens.

Full Swing will be available to view on Netflix from February 15.

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